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The Oracle Report Tuesday, June 11, 2013

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New Moon Phase – Moon in Cancer

Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamukhi


Today, Bagalamukhi works to rectify situations that are inequitable, unspoken, hidden, or fake. This will cause people to speak up or speak out about things that are not in line with the way they desire them to be. People want to be heard, so if someone is expressing his or her feelings to you, pay attention. It is important to listen. If you are the one voicing your feelings, the way you present them is key. Outbursts will not be very productive; opt for seriousness and respect.

A teaching: It is an ancient understanding that the year itself can be broken into 8 equal segments like the 8 Moon phases. Following this, we would now be in the First Quarter phase of the year. First Quarter phases are the time to step out. It is akin to the time when a plant pops through the soil. All this month, taking action is favored. This is the time to put yourself out there and put forth effort with any intentions you have set. Self-expression now leads to growth. Movement and motion faciliate the process. This is something to keep in mind all month long, not something to focus on just for today.


Author: ohnwentsya

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