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Benjamin Fulford Update for June 11th: Here’s a Mouthful

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While I do not share Ben’s distaste and distrust of President Obama, I find his knowledge of Asian issues interesting, and the “insider” info thing is always curious-since one never knows until things play out in public how accurate it may be. The big thing I like is the consistency- everywhere I turn now that I have some internet access again, someone is pointing out signs of big change in the offing around now. I appreciate him pointing out the the controlled opposition aspect as it is common upon opening one’s mind a bit to be a bit befuddled by the diverse and sometimes bizarre info competing for our belief as “THE TRUTH”. (I personally think the whole baby-eating-aliens schtick is much like Coast to Coast, a protective nuttiness to allow a lot of exposure of real problems while allowing the PTW to write them off as wack-jobs)

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