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The Second Trimester Recap

As always Denise brings the amorphous changes into sharper focus for us all, with a good dose of humour to lighten the fact that a lot of the effects can indeed be less than pleasant! I have been noticing, along with the team dark antics both personal and societal, that there is indeed a bright thread weaving its beautiful way thru this often dark cloth as well. People everywhere are starting to be more and more obviously awakening. Average “mainstream” people I encounter randomly are saying things and doing things I would expect from members of my spiritual group. People are being kind in small ways that for a long while have not seemed common. It appears people are making the effort to act from the heart, to act with compassion, to be caring in every day simple ways that make such a difference to the experience of living life. These bright spots shine ever more noticeably amidst the ongoing escalation of polarity increase. From the bizarre theme of nastiness in America toward anyone not white enough ( the idea of complaining about a Hispanic kid singing the national anthem at a sports event is utterly bizarre to me!) to wars and support for the Orwellian surveillance state the reactionary front is certainly active of late;-/ But the counterpoint, tho quieter and maybe easier to miss if you aren’t paying attention, is imho a stronger indication of the future on Earth. Change for the most part does not come as tornadoes and earthquakes on the human societal scale. More often it comes the same way the seasons change, small gradual almost imperceptible differences then suddenly they come together and become amazingly obvious. From where I sit, the season of humanity has some crocus peeking thru the snow, a redbird singing at dawn and afternoons in the sun where jackets are too much…..;-)

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The manuscript of survival – part 323 by Aisha North


You have started to face yourselves now dear ones, and even if some of you are rather hesitant to do so, the signals you will get back from yourself when you really dare to fully open your eyes will be so powerful, they may literally take your breath away. For with this realization comes also a deeper insight into all that you are and all that you do, and you start to see yourself in a very different light from before. For some, the very idea that everything you had once taken for granted seems now to be little more than wisps of fantasy will seem almost too much to bear at times, while for others, it will be like tasting the sweet taste of freedom for the very first time.

For the one you will see when you truly find the courage to dig deep enough within, is someone that will be radically different from the one that you see when you just look at the outside you, the one you have identified as myself for the whole of your lifetime here. And so, the gap between them may seem almost overwhelmingly large, and you can all in some ways experience a sort of identity crisis. For who you are is something that have in many ways been a set part of yourself forever, but now, when you have to start all over again in many aspects, it will be a time of chaos and uncertainty for many.

Remember, this realization will bring with it so many profound changes in your life, as you will literally start to see everything through new eyes. So please reach out for someone if you need that to steady yourself, lest you should lose your balance too much. This can be challenging in so many ways, and finding your new standing point will take some time to adjust to. It will be a little bit like standing on a bus that suddenly hits an unexpected bump in the road, and you will all in some ways be tossed about for a while before everything settles down.

So take the time you need, there is no use in rushing this process in any way. For you need time to really, really fathom what all of this will entail, not only for you, but for everyone around you as well. For once you have gotten the first glimpse of the real you, it cannot be forgotten. But it can seem to fade away at times, as you go about your daily life and everything seems to be exactly the same as it was before that first and almost earth shattering encounter. So take it slow, and give yourself all the time you need to readjust to this. And again, reach out for others to help you to balance yourself and find the equilibrium that you soo seek. But do not be afraid of losing your balance a little now and then. For this is all about daring to let go of the old fear of losing control and settling into a much more unpredictable way of living. Again we say go explore, for even if you are moving into yourself, you are also moving into what in many ways can be defined as unknown territory. Just remember, there are no dangers lurking under the surface here, there is only love, so do not be afraid to go and see what you will find behind that first curve in the road ahead.


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The Oracle Report Friday, June 14, 2013

Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Leo/Virgo

Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamukhi

The Sabian symbol for the position of the Sun today is “children skating on ice.” This tells us we need to be quite cognizant of what we are doing, avoiding cracks, and not rushing into things until we know that it is safe to do so. We need to make the best of challenging situations by relying on the most simplistic or basic elements of them (like love or a sense of duty) and adjusting to changes accordingly.

Today also brings the feeling of wanting to indulge. We want to be sure we are not approaching this from a childish perspective, as this is the tendency. Why don’t we all indulge in the beauty of nature, the celebration of life, and the power of human creativity? Let’s engage in an Oracle Report party all over the planet. In our hearts and minds we can link together and form an energetic wave of our own. To do this, think “fun” and spread the love!

(One other thing: don’t force people who don’t want to be together to be together. This is bondage. Let things fall into natural resonance in their own time.)