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The Second Trimester Recap

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As always Denise brings the amorphous changes into sharper focus for us all, with a good dose of humour to lighten the fact that a lot of the effects can indeed be less than pleasant! I have been noticing, along with the team dark antics both personal and societal, that there is indeed a bright thread weaving its beautiful way thru this often dark cloth as well. People everywhere are starting to be more and more obviously awakening. Average “mainstream” people I encounter randomly are saying things and doing things I would expect from members of my spiritual group. People are being kind in small ways that for a long while have not seemed common. It appears people are making the effort to act from the heart, to act with compassion, to be caring in every day simple ways that make such a difference to the experience of living life. These bright spots shine ever more noticeably amidst the ongoing escalation of polarity increase. From the bizarre theme of nastiness in America toward anyone not white enough ( the idea of complaining about a Hispanic kid singing the national anthem at a sports event is utterly bizarre to me!) to wars and support for the Orwellian surveillance state the reactionary front is certainly active of late;-/ But the counterpoint, tho quieter and maybe easier to miss if you aren’t paying attention, is imho a stronger indication of the future on Earth. Change for the most part does not come as tornadoes and earthquakes on the human societal scale. More often it comes the same way the seasons change, small gradual almost imperceptible differences then suddenly they come together and become amazingly obvious. From where I sit, the season of humanity has some crocus peeking thru the snow, a redbird singing at dawn and afternoons in the sun where jackets are too much…..;-)

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Be the change you wish to see, let's co-create the win-win future we know is possible together!

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