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The Oracle Report Monday, June 17, 2013

First Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Libra

Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamukhi

Today, Sophia (the goddess embodied as the Earth) and Sabaoth (the divine being embodied as the Sun) connect with the Pleroma (the Galactic Center, home of the divine beings who are generators of our galaxy). That’s Gnostic-speak, but using these terms puts a different perspective on the event, doesn’t it? If I write “the Earth and the Sun make aspects to the Galactic Center today,” the drama that is unfolding today falls flat.

The other players in the cast of characters today includes each of us and the Archons (who play the role of antagonists).

Today we take aim towards the Galactic Center, much like sunflowers aim for the Sun. We turn our attention toward home while we are firmly rooted in the Earth. The Earth is our immediate home, but she is a habitat-vehicle. Our origins are in the Galactic Center. We are stellar beings, the template for which was generated in the Galactic Center, incubated in the Orion Nebula, and seeded here on Earth. This is what the Gnostics tell us.

With the exception of two days per year, I emphasize connection, grounding, and focus with Earth – not the heavens. Today is one of those exceptional days. Our feet remain on the ground, but our hearts and minds pull our gaze skyward. The sunflowers in today’s photograph are a reminder. We are like the sunflowers. We are rooted below but aimed above. We are aligned.

There is only one message today: open up and receive. Acoustic, electro-magnetic signals are being sent. Pull out of the matrix enough to remember what is happening today (in other words, don’t get too entrenched in the Archontic gloss that most call life at this time).

It’s dark and cloudy where I am today. But that’s just the scenery or setting for my version of today’s drama. Since I know the real story, I will still aim for the sunnyside because I know it’s there, behind the scenes. How about you?


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NorthPoint Astrology Journal Your Guide to Planetary Energies for June 17 to 23, 2013 By Pam Younghans

Today’s photo: The Milky Way over the Queen’s Garden Trail in Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA (photo by Wally Pacholka, Astronomy Picture of the Day for June 1)

MANY THANKS to everyone who participated in our teleclass last week! I believe that knowing what the planets have in store can enable us to take better advantage of the opportunities and also help us understand the challenges that arise — I hope that each of you gained some valuable insights from the class that will assist you going forward.

If you did not register for the class but would like to purchase the audio replay and slideshow, just let me know! Please send an email with “Teleclass Replay” in the subject line to pam. I’ll reply with more information.

THE SUN shines brightly on our journey this week. The star at the center of our planetary system aligns with Jupiter on Wednesday, enters Cancer on Thursday (the Solstice), and opposes the Moon for a Full Moon on Sunday. All this solar activity puts an extra focus this week on how each one of us wants and needs to shine, as well as what we each define as our life purpose.

When the Sun and Jupiter conjoin on Wednesday, the two largest bodies in our solar system will be joining forces in late degrees of Gemini. Since both are concerned with expansion and growth, their alignment could manifest as grand new ideas and increased optimism on one hand, or on the other hand, too much talking or a nervous energy that depletes us by its randomness.

THE KEY here will be to enjoy and build on any feelings of optimism — which are always welcome! — but also to realize that objects in the mirror may actually be smaller than they appear. As long as we proceed with a bit of caution, this will be a positive energy that can lift our spirits and bring new, helpful solutions and ideas.

Out of curiosity (a Gemini trait!), I just looked up the Sabian symbol for the degree where Jupiter and the Sun will be on Wednesday, to see what else might be energized through their alignment. Here’s what it says:

“The first mockingbird of spring: The creative exuberance of the human soul in response to basic life experiences.”

Sounds exactly right for the energies of the day!

A CHART FOR A SOLSTICE is said to carry the energies and themes that we can expect to play out over the next three months, until the next change of seasons occurs. With the Sun and Jupiter still very close to each other in the solstice chart, we can anticipate that “larger than life” ideas and experiences will continue. And, we will want both to take advantage of the expansive energies and also to do our research if something seems too good to be true at first glance.

The solstice chart also has the upcoming Grand Water Trine represented (exact in July), so we are already starting to work with the opportunities carried by that configuration. But, whereas the grand trine in July will involve Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter/Mars, the grand trine in the solstice chart has Lilith in Cancer, in the position Jupiter and Mars will soon occupy.

GERMAN LILITH EXPERT Hannelore Traugott gives us these insights into its meaning:

“Lilith represents something that has become unconscious and is striving to become conscious again. Let’s call it archaic energy, spiritual femininity, something akin to the wisdom of the goddess. As long as we don’t have access to this energy we experience it psychologically as loss, suppression, isolation, emptiness, addiction and, above all, power struggles.”

With Lilith’s energy involved in the Grand Water Trine — both at the solstice and in July — we can anticipate that the next three months will provide us with opportunities to reclaim our spiritual wisdom, to rise above power struggles, and to gain the greater wholeness that is possible when what has been unconscious comes into our awareness.

OUR FULL MOON on Sunday is in Capricorn, emphasizing the need to regain a healthy balance between productivity and receptivity. Cancer, the location of the Sun, represents themes most often associated with the archetype of Mother: nurturance, empathy, sensitivity, imagination and emotions. Capricorn, the location of the Moon, symbolizes themes most often carried by the Father archetype: practicality, responsibility, discipline and efficiency.

In our journey to Wholeness, we are always working with both archetypes, endeavoring to embody the positives of both Cancer and Capricorn. This Full Moon shines light on how we are doing in this specific aspect of our development.

THE SABIAN SYMBOL for the location of the Moon at the time of the lunation reinforces our understanding of its intentions for us:

“A human soul, in its eagerness for new experiences, seeks embodiment: A powerful yearning for whatever will increase the scope and depth of one’s contacts with other living beings.”

This symbol brings a scene to mind that I often imagine, of our time in nonphysical before this current incarnation, as we preview the possibilities inherent in the upcoming lifetime. I always visualize the excitement of the soul to be involved again in a human experience, saying “Yes, I can do this!”

That imagined scene goes perfectly with the keywords for this Sabian symbol for the Full Moon: “A strong DESIRE to prove oneself.”

Now we just have to remember that desire and excitement, and bring it into our daily experience!



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