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Here Comes the June 2013 Solstice

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As always I share this with you all with great gratitude to Denise for sharing her clear awareness of the process we are all going thru-even when the process itself so often feels like a completely chaotic and confusing mess to most of us. As the energies increase so too (at least for me lately) do the good and the “bad” increase. “Ascension symptoms”, funky physical stuff, weird emotional stuff (especially when dealing with the people mentioned here who are frying instead of flying!).
Ascension, much like being a teenager is a liminal state and liminal states are known for their intensity, power, confusion and growth. Liminal states are when you aren’t quite the new thing, and aren’t quite *not* the old thing, a lot like trying to live your whole life inside a faery circle-not quite in the Land of Fey, and not quite in ordinary reality…..

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