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The Oracle Report Friday, June 21, 2013

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Gibbous Moon Phase – Moon in Sagittarius

Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamukhi

Longtime readers know that when an owl is pictured, we need to pay special attention.

Today is the Solstice and those of us who revere the Earth (Sophia) celebrate nature every day, but the Solstices are a highlight – we have the highest light. How much light can you contain today?

Holding light may come as more of a challenge. This is due not only to the fact that powerful energetic harmonics exist at stellar crosspoints like solstices and thus bring out the opportunistic Archon, but astrological influences that are more favorable to Archontic control are also present.

We know that there are always positive and negative polarities and we can “push” or align with the positive in the midst of the negative. This is our mission today. We will stay grounded and heart-centered while others chase power and control over people.

Here are the themes today: authority, power, power struggles, leadership, control, ego-centrism, domination. If I rated days that had high magical potential for ill will (interpersonally and with the collective of humanity at large), today would be among the highest. False flags could be raised high (“false flag” is a political tactic where an attack is arranged and false evidence is planted – or implanted, as in the case of mass mind control via media – to implicate one’s enemy and thus justify an open counterattack). It’s the perfect way to war and it works quite well because illusions are powerful. Be aware that people will be attacking/reacting from their shadow sides in response to today’s energy.

You get that this is a high-magic kind of day. But here’s the catch: Bagalamukhi’s on duty. She destroys illusions and she destroys enemies. This translates to “she destroys what is fake and she destroys those that stand opposed to her collaboration with humanity.” So while Archons might make big moves today, the results will not last. The foundation upon which these attacks are launched is fake and fake is becoming less and less supported with each passing day.

Wise owls take the stance of observing with their eyes but moving around in space and time with their hearts. Connect your heart with the Earth today. Picture how light from your heart pours out from your chest, puddles down into the Earth, and is recycled back to us from her through the middle of our backs. See the loop of light. Reinforce it often.

If you have an “inner prompting” follow it today. Intuition is heightened at solstices. Just make sure you are coming from your heart (love) and not your shadow (fear).

Remember, today wise owls move around in space and time with their hearts and remember also that a protective shield for your heart is in place by virtue of the fact that you are aware of the potential for ill. It’s the awareness that’s the protection.


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