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The Oracle Report Thursday, June 27, 2013

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Disseminating Moon Phase- Moon in Pisces

Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamukhi

Today’s energy carries an ephereal quality that makes us:

  • highly intuitive and creative
  • spiritually open to messages and information
  • easier to manipulate and deceive through propoganda
  • more emotional than normal
  • glorify or focus on the past when we should to be in the present to judge situations based on current needs
  • want to escape or break down walls and barriers.

Additionally, Mercury will station retrograde today. We can expect disruptions in communications (miscommunications), computers and other technology, and travel delays. Pay close attention while driving or when on the water. The potential for accidents increases under these astrological influences. I mention this because it is all too easy to be “out of our bodies” and not paying attention. Stay firmly rooted to the planet with your mind on task when operating vehicles.

The lovely thing about today’s energy is that it brings us closer into the dreaming mind of Sophia. All of the things that caused Sophia to become enthralled with us and leave her home in the Galactic Center (particularly our ability to create beauty and our great capacity to love) are present in full force today, so it is a day where we can shine and bring her happiness.


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