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The Oracle Report Monday, July 1, 2013

Third Quarter Moon Phase- Moon in Aries/Taurus

Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamukhi

Today the opposition between the Sun and Pluto reaches full strength. The energy is extremely heavy and attempts to drag us down; our counter to this is to keep climbing. It feels like trying to climb a mountain, but it does not matter if we scale the top; what matters is that we keep climbing. Regardless of how ugly things get (and people can get very ugly under Sun-Pluto aspects), we are not taken down. Some people will react to the energy by going off the deep end because the structure of many things is coming loose and breaking down. This is a good because things that have been based on weak, superficial systems of control and false pretenses are crashing down. There isn’t much more I can say and not belabor the point, just remember this is the last day of this energy, so keep going and avoid whatever seems to be crashing down around you.


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The manuscript of survival – part 331


The times ahead may be construed as chaotic for many, but as you have been told before, chaos does not need to entail fear. You have been taught well dear ones, as you have managed to wrestle yourselves away from the old prison of fear and started to breathe the air of freedom of choice. For that is what all of this is really about: to stay within the confines defined by the society that you live amongst, or to start to set out on the road defined by your willingness to go above and beyond the limitations stipulated for all the so-called normal human beings on this beautiful planet of yours.

You have already gotten a taste of what this freedom of choice can give you, in the manner of connecting not only with the truest parts of yourself, but also with others who adhere to the same idea of enlightenment in all of its forms. So we know this will not come as a surprise to you when we say that freedom also comes with a whole net set of challenges, as it means not being able to always follow someone elses paths. For you are indeed trailblazers in every way, and as such, you have learned to trust your own instincts whenever you come across a fork in the road leading off into unknown territory. For where others would choose the well-travelled road, you have again and again dared to push aside the bushes covering up the other, less defined paths and dared to stride forth in that direction.

And you have done this again and again, found your own path, well separated from the highway that others have instinctively chosen whenever they have come across this same fork in the road. And now, there will be many people around you finding themselves in the same situation, as they for the first time will actually become aware that they too have a choice, and they will see that there is indeed another path running off this highway they have more or less unconsciously been following their whole life. And thanks to you, they will see that this less obtrusive path have been travelled by others before them, and as such, their choice will be less difficult than the choices you have all had to make. For you went into unchartered territory again and again, while they will all have your footsteps to follow.

And as you are the ones taking the lead, you too will also find yourselves at a new fork in the road, and this time, we think you all will have a strong inkling to ponder which direction to take. For you can choose to continue onwards and forwards, or you can choose to backtrack your steps, for this time, the challenge of choosing might seem a little bit more daunting than usual. We are not implying that anything catastrophic is looming on the horizon, far from it. Rather, we are saying that you will all encounter a point on this journey where the awesomeness of what you see waiting ahead might seem a little bit too overwhelming at first.

So again we say, you will once again find strength in numbers, and know that even if that shimmering glow of greatness ahead might lead you to feeling once again less than worthy to step forwards and be acknowledged, you are all more than capable of accepting this challenge too. And remember, you are all bound together by these glowing filaments of light, so even if you feel less than ready to take another step up as it were, know that you are all supported not only by each other, but also by this infinite web of light. So when you find yourself standing at this crossroads, unsure as to whether you are bold enough to continue on towards that glimmering light, do not be afraid to say so. You will not be thought less of, far from it, for we know that the greatness that awaits you can seem more than a little bit daunting. You are made of the same stuff as stars dear ones, but still, you might feel more like brittle little starfish on the beach. So again we say, reach out to each other and comfort those that needs to be comforted, steady the ones that seem a little unsteady, and together, you will all be far better equipped to step bodly forth towards your destination.



NorthPoint Astrology Journal July 1 to 7, 2013 by Pam Younghans

Today’s photo: Auroras and moonrise near Drumheller, Alberta, Canada on June 28 (photo by Alan Dyer, posted on Spaceweather.com)

SATURN is a strong influence in our lives this week. The ringed planet has been retrograde (moving backward) since February 18, and is now moving very slowly in anticipation of its shift to forward motion next Sunday.

When any planet slows to change direction, we become more aware of its effects, especially if we happen to be working with direct transits from that planet to our natal charts. With Saturn, those effects involve facing reality, being responsible, and having the patience and discipline needed to proceed step-by-step toward a goal.

Perhaps not what we want to hear, especially those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere and finally getting into the lazy days of summer…

IN THE POSITIVE, once Saturn is direct (moving forward), we may finally see movement in areas of our lives that have been feeling stalled for the past four or five months. Saturn assists us in manifesting tangible results for our efforts, and while it has been retrograde, we may have met with delays in achieving certain goals. In the weeks ahead, as Saturn picks up a bit of speed, we will have more support in attaining those goals and in making important decisions.

Because Saturn is in Scorpio, part of the increased effects this week may also involve more revelations of truths that have been hidden from view. We’ve already seen a fair amount of this in recent weeks, so it will be interesting to observe what else may come to light in the days ahead.

THIS WEEK also brings us another choice point, through interactions between Pluto, Uranus, and the Sun. This threesome compels us to choose how we want to react to change in our lives.

With the Pluto-Sun opposition on Monday, we will be aware of a wide range of possible reactions. On one extreme, we can be stoic and pretend not to be affected (represented by Pluto in Capricorn). On the other extreme, we can be overwhelmed emotionally and feel our only choices are fight or flight (represented by the Sun in Cancer).

AS ALWAYS OCCURS with opposition aspects, our most productive solution is in finding a balance between those opposite reactions. First, we must acknowledge the feelings of vulnerability that have been triggered (Cancer) and do a good bit of self-care to support the child within who is feeling overwhelmed and fearful. At the same time, we must also realize that a part of us knows we are strong and capable, able to handle whatever challenges life has presented (Capricorn).

This choice point extends into Wednesday, when the Sun steps into a square aspect with Uranus. We are likely to feel more rebellious, impatient, and reactive than usual under this influence. Through observing our own and others’ reactions, we will have the opportunity to realize what further changes are needed, that we may have been resisting out of fear or habit.

VENUS appears three times in our list of highlighted aspects this week, indicating that important developments in our relationships are likely to occur. On Monday, Venus is in square aspect to Saturn. This may be a day when we make an important decision about a relationship. It may also mark a time of farewell, as circumstances create a parting of ways.

By Friday, when Venus forms a quincunx aspect to Pluto, we’ll be fully aware of what adjustments are going to be needed, based on the developments earlier in the week. If we’ve said good-bye to someone, the results of that change will be very apparent. Likewise, if we’ve decided to make a stronger commitment to a relationship, we will also become aware of what that will mean for us going forward.

By Sunday, when Venus forms a trine aspect with Uranus, an entirely different theme becomes apparent. If we have the courage to accept the change that has occurred, this trine will help us be open to a new future. We are more able to allow ourselves and others freedom as needed, and also are more willing to embrace new activities and relationships that will bring new joy into our days.

LAST CHANCE! This is the last week I’ll be offering access to the replay for my teleclass covering astrological events in the rest of 2013. If you did not register for the class and would like to purchase the audio replay and slideshow, just let me know. Please send an email by Friday, July 5, with “Teleclass Replay” in the subject line to pam. I’ll reply with more information.