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The Oracle Report Tuesday, July 2, 2013

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Third Quarter Moon Phase- Moon in Taurus

Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamukhi

The massive weight of the Sun-Pluto opposition lightens considerably today and is most welcome. Did you find yourself amazed at the sheer intensity of people’s reactions and words? Those who responded to the energy in this manner cannot face the fact that systems are breaking down around them. They have not moved into the changes with Sophia and they are detached from their true nature. These are the people who will struggle the most over the next year, the final year of Sophia’s correction (see www.metahistory.org for more information on Sophia’s correction).

One of the good things about Mercury retrograde is how we re-evaluate or take a closer look at ourselves or our lives. If you found the past few days’ energy to be almost unmanageable, you are right in line with the natural order of things. We can empathize with Sabaoth (the Sun) who was locked in a battle of wills with Pluto, trying to keep things from descending into the underworld, never to be heard from again. Whatever is left “standing” is empowered to move forward.

The signature of Sophia is strongly present in messages from nature today. Pay careful attention to unusual encounters with animals, as these teachers will bring us answers.

Nice work, wise owls! Now let’s enjoy the lightness of being.


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