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The Oracle Report Friday, July 5 – Sunday, July 7,2013

Balsamic Moon Phase- Moon in Gemini/Cancer

Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamukhi

I am combining Friday’s report with the weekend report because the energy unfolds like the lace manadala of this spiderweb. It’s a wave that builds out. The wave builds until the New Moon enters early on Monday. I’ve looked beyond the wave to see what’s ahead and I can tell you that between now and October we are in for something unseen on the planet before. It is so good that I cannot even put it into words to share right now, but I will most definitely be recording an audio as soon as we are able to arrange it.

So just place the knowledge of the nature of what’s to come as the backdrop of what develops this weekend. Keep in mind that links and connections are weaving together to perfectly position us for a great boon (or at least the kind of boon that those of us engaged in co-creating with Wisdom Goddess Sophia would relish). The collective of humanity has stated its intention to be released from whatever binds it and Sophia has heard. In essence, the power struggle between the collective of humanity and those forces that stand to annihilate humanity (and Sophia) begins to tip toward the collective of humanity. We will begin to throw off Archontic intrusion en masse (individually in the micro level of our own lives and holistically at the macro level of our race).

The Sun (Sabaoth) appears to be powering up in a new way as we approach the New Moon. The Sun’s southern hemisphere is becoming active for the first time in years and the magnetic fields are building to X and M class flare level. (Let’s all say thanks to Sabaoth this weekend.)

Additionally, we have another compelling dynamic at play with Jupiter coming up on the heels of the Black Moon and the Moon entering Cancer for the first time since the Black Moon entered Cancer. Cancers and Capricorns (and those with the Black Moon in those signs) will experience the weekend’s unfolding web/mandala most profoundly. Remember that this energy is going to release us from the prisons of our minds. Take heart.

Taking all of this down to the mundane level, Friday we are prone toward feeling a little lost, Friday night and Saturday we are prone toward indulgence so partake but be smart, and Sunday we are struck by mystery. Seek out a good book (spiritual, mystery, fantasy, sci-fi) if you feel confused or need guidance. Follow your impulses to pick up certain books.

Above all, see this energy as the connecting line in a cosmic tapestry that is weaving into existence. If you’ve been following The Oracle Report for a while, you know that I call it like I see it – good, bad, and ugly. I often use the word “ugly” to describe the energy. I translate visually. Trust me when I say that it is getting ready to get gorgeous out there.