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COBRA Update: Unite and Free Our Planet—Meditation for Egypt 3pm GMT July 3 [video]

I just have to point out that whatever cobra thinks, elementals are good guys! They are essential beings and I think it would be a really really Bad idea to visuslize eliminating them from the Earth. I cannot understand why anyone would include them in with archons and negative things:-/

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Implementing indigenous human rights: Negotiating a more democratic future

Rotinonshonni ónhwe - Tkanatáhere

By: JAY TABER • JUN 28, 2013 – From: http://intercontinentalcry.org/implementing-indigenous-human-rights-negotiating-a-more-democratic-future/


There are several aspects of the UN human rights agenda that contribute to the invisibility of indigenous rights enshrined in the 2007 UN Declaration. First and foremost of the obstacles to implementing the rights of indigenous peoples has been the refusal of the UN to recognize indigenous nations as political entities worthy of participation in UN decision-making. If the governing authorities of indigenous nations remain excluded from UN diplomatic processes, indigenous peoples will remain marginalized from discussions on world issues. As noted at IC recently, this exclusionary obstacle at the UN has been challenged by 72 American Indian tribes, its removal deemed essential to resolving grievances and eliminating violence against indigenous nations.

As I observed in Making it Happen, democratizing the international community cannot be limited to the international institutions created by modern states. As indigenous nations assert their human…

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