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Ben Fulford (July 8 2013) ~ As US “Pivots” To Asia, Russia Charges Into Europe And The Middle-East

Fortunately the Keshe tech, Ecat, and other similar forward thinking forms of energy generation should soon make this ridiculous and violent global jockeying for control of carbon fuels financially pointless.
Also interesting that Fulford is contradicting Poof Report. I wondwr what is going on?

Bryan Hall's "Awakening Revolution"

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– Egyptians revolt against Morsi government

Last week’s regime change in Egypt reflects a bold geopolitical chess move by Russia’s Vladimir Putin. In response to the US draw down of its forces in Europe and its’ “pivot” to Asia, Putin has moved in force into the Middle East. The end game will mean Russian control over European energy supplies. As a result, the center of Western European power will shift from France and Germany to Russia and Germany. The Germans have already secretly agreed to this. The Americans will be too busy dealing with China and Asia to be able or willing to do much about this new balance of power.

This is just the most visible sign of moves by the White Dragon Society, the Asians and the BRICs alliance against the criminal cabal that still clings to power in Washington D.C…

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Life in the Panopticon

The Panopticon is a type of institutional building designed by English philosopher and social theorist Jeremy Bentham in the late 18th century. The concept of the design is to allow a watchman to observe (-opticon) all (pan-) inmates of an institution without their being able to tell whether they are being watched or not. (Text and image from Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panopticon )

Life in the Panopticon

I read about the panopticon years ago in college. I thought the idea was bizarre-to design a place where a person could watch what all the other people were doing at all times. Whether this place was to be a prison, mental ward or hospital it still seemed to be an unnatural and creepy thing to do.

In many tribal societies, people naturally live their lives where others can see and hear them nearly all the time. But these others are also living their lives-not watching one another, or listening and recording. People evolve cultural norms of manners and socialization to deal with how close or how separate their lifestyles make them.

Our current, modern, colonized culture has the most bizarre and uncomfortable setup of any culture I have yet encountered.

We are atomized and isolated, without the normal social support and interaction with other people and living things that was natural throughout the majority of human development and history. We do not live for the most part, in extended families or tribal collectives but it single family homes, often single person homes. Spending most of our time completely alone, and indoors, isolated from all living things-but connected to electronic devices such as computers, televisions, telephones, video game machines etc.

Often we are so immersed in these things that even when others are physically present we are not “with” them.

This isolation is exacting a heavy toll on us psychologically, socially, societally and environmentally/physically.

Instead of working together and socializing while growing, gathering or hunting and preparing our food, we now rush around alone and eat food that has been genetically modified, grown by huge corporations using mainly machines and chemicals, and prepared for us often in unhealthful ways.

Is it really surprising that we end up with diseases like cancer, heart disease and stroke often attributed to stress and diet?

Now, isolated, atomized, ill and suffering from psychological distress from our unnatural and highly controlled and driven lifestyles we discover that we are also living in a modern, high tech version of the panopticon-our every miserable struggle recorded and viewed by some faceless drone in the beauracracy-supposedly to prevent “terrorism”.

If funneling human beings into the situation I described above is not “terrorism” I’m not sure I know what else we should call it.

Amazingly the majority of people don’t WANT to live like this but simply do not know how to escape it.

The tools are available, the choices are ours. We can continue down this lonely, tortured road to extinction, trudging along together yet alone accepting what has been dictated as “normal” or we can life our middle fingers defiantly at the watchers, the controllers, the genetic modifiers and Earth despoilers who choose this path and we can join together in remaking our societies into structures WE WANT to live in.

We don’t have to agree on every detail, or even every big point-as Daniel Quinn often points out “there is no one right way to live”.

What most of us already agree on -whatever our politics, religion or social grouping-is that THIS is NOT the way things should be. We agree that life should not be an endless struggle punctuated by tragedy but a joyful dance.

So whether we want to samba or waltz, breakdance or stomp, what we need to do is work together to clear the floor so we can all dance.

I created this blog to highlight tools and create connections between people who want to steer things in a better direction even if we don’t all want the exact same path. Yes! magazine and Transition Town movement, much like the old Whole Earth Review, have been sharing new ideas and tools, and showing us people who are creating and acting on new ideas and tools to improve their communities right now.

There are many other blogs, magazines and movements around doing much the same. All we have to do is keep working, keep sharing and keep our faith, love and joy in a better future alive in our hearts to utterly destroy the panopticon and all it stands for and supports.

Another world isn’t just Possible, it is Inevitable!

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The Oracle Report Monday, July 8

New Moon Phase- Moon in Cancer

Ruling Mahavidya: To be Announced

At the moment of the New Moon early this morning, a frequency of energy which will unfold all month long was imprinted. This frequency is wonderfully complex and will guide the collective toward radical mind shift. The New Moon in Cancer, one of the cardinal cross points, is marked as the cycle where the collective of humanity rises up and pulls away from the Archons. It is a special time in history and it will last three months.

Heres the long and the short of it, in practical terms:

  • · it will not be as easy for mind intrusion (mind intrusion gets us started in a negative and self-defeating state of mind where generalized dissatisfaction takes over)
  • · dissolution of our perceived failings takes place if we so desire
  • · the energetic frequency causes a feeling of being exposed or vulnerable, which is a position of personal power because it invites change and transformation
  • · restraints, limitations, restrictions cease their reign
  • · we begin to see ourselves with more clarity, grounding and integrating more of our higher selves; this develops from times of quiet reflection, so we find that we retreat into ourselves more this cycle
  • · a distinct reconnection with the planet occurs en masse (or strengthening of connection for those who are already connected with the planet)
  • · within relationships, unaligned energies will conflict and seek to be discharged relationships undergo much-needed changes
  • · we will go beyond our normal sphere with new perspectives arising from larger realities
  • · we see how dissatisfaction with our immediate situation/surroundings and always looking elsewhere is not only counterproductive, but life-draining

There is so much to this months energy much more than I can relate in todays post. One thing we will see this cycle is how things happen in their own time and how our rush to develop things only creates frustration and fatigue. Most of what I want to relate about this amazing time will need to be given in audio format (including this months ruling Mahavidya). Look for that audio in the next few days.

For now, I leave for your consideration the Sabian symbol for the New Moon in Cancer: the seed grows into knowledge and life. Joy to the world.

(And lets keep an eye on the Sun. A behemoth sunspot is poised directly at us, ready to amplify the current energy frequency. Knowing the magnitude of this months energy, we will not be surprised to see the Suns participation.)


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On the Cusp of the Wave

Fireworks, with people watching

So here we are, halfway through the Gregorian calendar year of 2013.  Wild, crazy, epic time!  However, most people still don’t quite understand, or even suspect, what is really happening in and around our world.  Most people are still stuck in the old limited 3D paradigms and their methods of processing information, thinking, feeling, and even living.  As a direct result, most people are more than a little nervous, upset, fearful, insecure, and uncertain about what the future holds, as their ‘tried and true’ old strategies for navigating reality are just . . . not . . . working anymore!

The basic problem is this:  The vast majority of the human population still seems unable to just BE in the moment called ‘now’, live from there.  But what is actually much worse is that they have never even really thought deeply about it, much less attempted to discipline their minds…

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Poofness – Introducing you to Your Future – 7/7/2013

Oracles and Healers


Greetings and Salutations,

Today we are introducing you to your future! ZAP has provided a step by step guide to help us all understand the events about to take place this week and launch us into our bright new future. As an added bonus he has included a detailed method for you to jump start your life and income by doing something you like and helping your neighbors on “THE BLUE BALL.”

Please fasten your seatbelts and prepare for take off in 3,2,1……..BLAST OFF!

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Greenpeace Warns of Deep Sea Gold Rush

Earth First! Newswire

Cross Posted from Mining.com

Greenpeace International is warning the extinction of unique deep sea species and other significant irreversible environmental damage to oceans would be a likely result of an emerging trend to exploit seabed minerals.

new report from the environmental activist grouphas found that the potential impact of deep sea mining is not properly understood.

Greenpeace takes on deep sea mining

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NorthPoint Astrology Journal July 8 to 14, 2013

Today’s photo: Auroras over Red Deer, Alberta, Canada on June 29 (photo by Collin Orthner, posted on Spaceweather.com)

THE MONTH OF JULY is a powerful time of initiation. Planetary alignments support us in manifesting new realities based on a strong knowing of our truth, a clear understanding of our needs, and a new appreciation for the spiritual nature of our experience on planet Earth.

I am describing the energies of the Grand Water Trine between Saturn in Scorpio, Jupiter and Mars in Cancer, and Neptune in Pisces. Now that Jupiter is in Cancer (and especially with Mars entering Cancer at the end of this week), the effects of this grand trine are becoming palpable. This influence will continue to grow and reach a pinnacle when the trine configuration is strongest, July 17 through 20.

IN A GRAND TRINE, three or more planet are working together in harmony, supporting our growth. With our grand trine in water signs, we are working in particular with emotional and spiritual concerns — themes commonly associated with the heart and high heart chakras.

Based on the planets involved in our grand trine, we can anticipate opportunities to expand our spiritual and creative awareness (Neptune in Pisces); a stronger ability to ground our dreams in reality and truth (Saturn in Scorpio); an enhanced optimism and willingness to take emotional risks (Jupiter in Cancer); and greater courage to take action in alignment with our heart’s desires (Mars in Cancer).

IN OTHER WORDS, this month brings us immense potential. Through focusing on our hearts and consciously allowing ourselves to be heart-led, we can access powerful spiritual, emotional, and inspirational energies, and bring them into our physical realities in new ways.

The only caution here is that it could be easy to just sit back and enjoy the ride, since trine aspects do not push us to make changes. Instead they invite us, beckoning through the open door, to participate with their energies. To take full advantage of this golden opportunity, we must get up out of our rocking chairs and take the initiative in some way.

THE NEW MOON that begins our week is also powerful, being aligned with the star Sirius. Mystic Alice Bailey has called Sirius “a vast expression of divinity,” “the great star of initiation,” the source of wisdom,” and “the transmitter of truth.”

Sirius acts as the conduit for those energies that awaken us to higher consciousness. With the Sun and Moon in alignment with Sirius to begin our new lunar cycle, the potentials of this month are multiplied.

RETROGRADE MERCURY is also aligned with the Sun and Moon in the New Moon chart, and all three planets are squaring Uranus. Uranus is the Great Awakener, and in square aspect to our New Moon requires that we open our minds to new information.

During this lunar cycle, we will be challenged to break old habits of thought and belief. With the New Moon in Cancer, many of these patterns may have been with us since childhood, inherited through our family of origin.

THE SABIAN SYMBOL for the New Moon inspires another level of anticipation for what we may create this month:

“The unfoldment of multilevel potentialities issuing from an original germ: The life urge to actualize one’s birth potential.”

If you are in the process of redefining yourself and your life purpose, based on a reconnection to your soul’s truth, you are right in alignment with these energies! It will be helpful to use Mercury’s retrograde phase (until July 20) to do some of the inner work of reconnection, review, and clarification that will most support us going forward.

This inner work will position us well for making important decisions and changes in late July and early August, when more choice points become apparent.