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The Oracle Report Monday, July 8

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New Moon Phase- Moon in Cancer

Ruling Mahavidya: To be Announced

At the moment of the New Moon early this morning, a frequency of energy which will unfold all month long was imprinted. This frequency is wonderfully complex and will guide the collective toward radical mind shift. The New Moon in Cancer, one of the cardinal cross points, is marked as the cycle where the collective of humanity rises up and pulls away from the Archons. It is a special time in history and it will last three months.

Heres the long and the short of it, in practical terms:

  • · it will not be as easy for mind intrusion (mind intrusion gets us started in a negative and self-defeating state of mind where generalized dissatisfaction takes over)
  • · dissolution of our perceived failings takes place if we so desire
  • · the energetic frequency causes a feeling of being exposed or vulnerable, which is a position of personal power because it invites change and transformation
  • · restraints, limitations, restrictions cease their reign
  • · we begin to see ourselves with more clarity, grounding and integrating more of our higher selves; this develops from times of quiet reflection, so we find that we retreat into ourselves more this cycle
  • · a distinct reconnection with the planet occurs en masse (or strengthening of connection for those who are already connected with the planet)
  • · within relationships, unaligned energies will conflict and seek to be discharged relationships undergo much-needed changes
  • · we will go beyond our normal sphere with new perspectives arising from larger realities
  • · we see how dissatisfaction with our immediate situation/surroundings and always looking elsewhere is not only counterproductive, but life-draining

There is so much to this months energy much more than I can relate in todays post. One thing we will see this cycle is how things happen in their own time and how our rush to develop things only creates frustration and fatigue. Most of what I want to relate about this amazing time will need to be given in audio format (including this months ruling Mahavidya). Look for that audio in the next few days.

For now, I leave for your consideration the Sabian symbol for the New Moon in Cancer: the seed grows into knowledge and life. Joy to the world.

(And lets keep an eye on the Sun. A behemoth sunspot is poised directly at us, ready to amplify the current energy frequency. Knowing the magnitude of this months energy, we will not be surprised to see the Suns participation.)


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