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The Oracle Report Thursday, July 18, 2013



First Quarter Moon Phase: Moon in Scorpio/Sagittarius
Ruling Mahavidya: Dhumavati

We are in deep with the energy today and it is highly charged. If you understand what is in play, it will make the energy easier to integrate.

Astrological effects are electromagnetic. Today the electromagnetics are extremely strong and will affect all levels of systems, but particularly body systems, computer systems, communication systems, electrical systems, travel systems, and geopolitical systems. The energy is very explosive and it will carry into tomorrow.

As I mentioned earlier in the week, it is not a good idea to have discussions about anything that is serious or important. Save “come to Jesus” discussions until after tomorrow. This energy is exaggerating our level of dissatisfaction with things, so we don’t want to act or react from distortion. There is a lot of turbulence today and people will be aggressive and even violent. Arguments, conflict, and warlike behavior are rampant. It’s a road rage day. Things go sideways. People are impatient and easily annoyed. Anger surfaces. People feel fed up with things.

However, there is a teaching within the distortion – a flash of wisdom. The teaching not only shows us what needs to be rectified, but it provides the power to do so.

The Mahavidyas are bending space-time like ropes of taffy. In the process, they are wringing the power out of future probabilities favorable to negative forces. This means that futures based on the enslavement of the human mind lose a great deal of their potential to manifest. The spell is being broken.

To work with this energy we can bend space and time as well. In your mind, connect with a version of your life that is more satisfying. Pick one thing about you that you want to be different. Project yourself into that version of yourself. Act “as if” it has already happened. This sounds like new age or motivational doublethink, but it is a sound principle that physics is beginning to grasp. Cells in the body are electromagnetic and they “re-tune” to wherever our minds take us. The body follows the mind. It goes into whatever mindscape we transmit. The mind transmits and the body receives. And it is instantaneous.

Today you can flip your mind wherever you want today and it has the power to last. Take a step in that direction. Move toward your highest dream.