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SaLuSa 19.07.2013 by MADAD

Sirian Heaven



The changes are manifesting on your world one by one and although you might not be fully aware of them, they cannot be stopped and once your media are able to transmit clearly without false alteration of the news, you will be able to see what everything have changed. We know you want to see all the changes to be already done, but for very long time the dark ones prepared you for opposite, so now you have to allow for reversing and turning your society the other way around. Each one of you are creators of this society and now when you have found out the power you have within, should use it accordingly. Do not wait for anything because you have already been changed immensely and now it is time to help others to do the same if that is their wish. Spread your Love and Light…

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YOU Don’t Know Jack, If YOU Don’t Know How Barack Rolls

Thank you for sharing this! It is so heartening to read the President’s words, and to feel like this is NOT going to be swept under the rug AGAIN.
My family members for whom I have had so much worry about this kind of thing are not black, they are ndn ( Native American). But much the same profiling and harrassment occur. I guess t o a racist brown skin is all the same:-/
But it is insane for a anyone to shot for walking to the store. I am so grateful for our President reminding people that we as a society cannot let this insanity go on.

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Climate and Clean Water Denials Leave Science with Splitting Headache

Thank you for adding a bit of levity to things that would otherwise just give Me a headache!

Earth First! Newswire

By Sasha / Earth First! Newswire

Yesterday, two different scientific studies were released that were deliberately misleading. One called climate change into question, and the other rejected the notion that fracking pollutes watersheds.

First it was a University of Colorado scientist Roger Pielke, who told Congress that climate change was not causing more catastrophic natural disasters. His evidence? He claims that we can all tell storms haven’t worsened in intensity since 1900, since economic damage from storms (specifically, flooding) as a percentage of the GDP has decreased by 75% since 1945. Gee, perhaps that’s because the GDP has increased exponentially, as have architectural standards, while the US has almost totally privatized disaster response. Hurricane Sandy being the “perfect storm” and Katrina and Rita virtually annihilating much of New Orleans? Well, what does the GDP tell us? Dollars make sense, amiright?

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UK Heatwave Melts Roads, Causes Wildfires, Kills 760 People

Earth First! Newswire

By Tom Bawden / Independent

Farmers will be on high-alert this weekend as the heatwave threatens to unleash a wave of fires that could ruin crops across the country, a senior Met Office scientist has warned.

Update, Fri  19 July 18:00 BST: Spike in A&E admissions, wildfires and melting roads as Britain battles seventh day of 30-plus temperatures

As Britain clocked up its sixth consecutive day of plus-30C temperatures  – with the thermometer peaking at 30.4C –  soon-to-be harvested crops such as wheat and winter barley are looking particularly vulnerable to fire, said Karl Kitchen, the Met Office scientist with responsibility for wildfires. He issued his crop-fire warning as the country continued to reel from the longest heatwave for seven years.

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Please share this and supott those involv ed d.


We’ll Insist That Our Daughters Be Sent To School And Not To Infant Marriages. Education is the bedrock of every society and the education of the girl child is as important as that of her male counterpart. We therefore are surprised that Nigeria’s Senate didn’t consider making it mandatory for every girl child below 18 to be in school. Instead, they gave a legislative seal of approval for the marriage of underage girls. That means even a 5 year old toddler could be married off by her parents.Nigerians of all tribes and religions have rejected this, and therefore undertake to stand against the state-sanctioned abuse of the girl child.
By tomorrow, Saturday, 20th July, 2013, we’ll be signing a petition that’ll be forwarded to the National Assembly, Abuja. If you are in Abuja, the venue is: Unity Fountain, by Transcorp Hilton. Also the Park. Time is: 9am-12noon.
For those in…

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Trayvon Martin: My Hope

I wrote about this the other day too-this verdict has affected so many beyond the families actually involved in this case. I think we all wanted to believe in an A merica where “justice for all” actually meant something. I too gave hope that the reaction to this injstice will be to energize people in creating real, lasting change. Racism is a cancer in the spirit of our nation. It harms us all-even those who may think they are “right” in such views/attitudes/actions.

Parent Rap

Unable to concentrate on my writing, I search for a way to cope with black reality and to go on after the stunning verdict in the Zimmerman trial.

By Jackie Saulmon Ramirez | July 17, 2013

As hot as it was Saturday, I dropped by my local salon to get a much needed haircut. While I was waiting, in walked a young man who looked to be maybe 23-years-old. This young man was well-dressed and wearing a hooded sweatshirt with the hood pulled up exposing only his face— a white face.

The young man was obviously wearing the hoodie in support of Trayvon Martin— I smiled. I smiled because it gave me hope that the jury would serve up justice for Trayvon’s death. Hope that things might be different this time and that the legal system would work fairly for Trayvon as it had failed so many people of color…

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