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Imbolc Spring Festival Clearing The Debris Of Winter

I had not realized that lughnasa and imbolc were simultaneous in the northern and southern hemispheres. I feel like my brain just stretched in a good way:-)

I had not realized that lughnasa and imbolc were simultaneous in the northern and southern hemispheres. I feel like my brain just stretched in a good way:-)

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NorthPoint Astrology Journal July 22 to 28, 2013 by Pam Younghans

Today’s photo: A photo of the sun over Buffalo, New York, using color filters (photo by Alan Friedmand, posted on Spaceweather.com)

THE COMING WEEK is quite a mix of energies. We’re still benefiting from the influence of the Grand Water Trine early in the week. However, Mars is moving very quickly now, and will begin to engage the energies of the Pluto-Uranus square by week’s end.

It may feel a bit like a rollercoaster ride as a result — some days (or even some hours!) we may feel like everything is going our way, and the next day (or hour), we may swing to a less positive view of our current reality, as the push for substantive change continues.

WE START OFF the week with a Full Moon in Aquarius on Monday, just a little more than two hours after the Sun enters Leo. At the time of the lunation, Saturn is in square aspect with both the Sun and the Moon, making sure that we realize the importance of our next steps, and helping us become more fully aware of what our true needs are.

Jupiter aligns with Mars on Monday and both planets oppose Pluto in the Full Moon chart. With these aspects, we should have the courage we need to make important decisions — decisions that will ultimately pave the way for the positive future we are envisioning.

ASTROLOGER Martin Goldsmith’s book called The Zodiac by Degrees provides a symbolic image for each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac, based on the Sabian symbols and other more ancient symbolic systems. This is his image for the first degree of Aquarius, where our Full Moon is located:

“A traveler comes upon an ancient temple in the desert, part of it fallen into ruin and part of it adapted for modern use.”

Some of phrases that Mr. Goldsmith includes with this image are particularly relevant to our present day:

“Recognizing that worldly institutions decay to the degree that they lose their indwelling soul; adopting a life-mission that fits one’s inner nature; withdrawing into the soul’s inner sanctum to find spiritual revitalization; fearless openness of mind and heart — the fight against prejudice; new reality constructs based on timeless spiritual laws.”

And, considering how these phrases relate to our individual experience right now can provide important insights about the purposes of this Full Moon for each of us.

ANOTHER SHIFT also occurs on Monday, when Venus leaves exuberant Leo and enters meticulous Virgo. Since June 27, when Venus entered Leo, our common values have been primarily defined by what brings us joy in the moment.

It’s been difficult, even for those with a strong work ethic, to really put the effort into projects that don’t gratify us creatively or that don’t bring us the appreciation of others. This may have been especially true for those with their natal Sun or Ascendant in Taurus or Libra, both signs being ruled by Venus.

As Venus enters Virgo, that common value shifts. Virgo is perhaps the most work-oriented of the 12 signs. Even though the Sun will now be holding up the banner for the Leo parade, having Venus in Virgo will help us do the work that needs to be done — even if it’s primarily with the goal in mind of getting tasks finished so that we can go off and play or relax somewhere.

FAST-FORWARDING to the end of the week, we see Venus fully engaged with the outer planets, being opposite Neptune and sextile Saturn on Friday and sextile Jupiter on Sunday. These aspects, especially with Venus in discerning Virgo, should help us both envision the future that we want and know what steps we need to take to manifest our vision.

Saturday brings the most tension of the week, as Pluto opposes Mars and Saturn squares the Sun. These aspects bring us back to reality, if we’ve been in avoidance.

The Pluto-Mars interaction compels us to dig more deeply into our desire for change and our resistance to it. Passions are easily awakened with these two planets, so be aware that people may be more easily provoked than usual.

Because of this volatility, it is actually of benefit to have the Saturn-Sun square on the same day. Saturn can help us think about the long-term consequences of our actions. In square aspect to the Leo Sun, Saturn reminds us that patience and step-by-step progress can enhance outcomes, even if in the short-term it may appear that we’re not getting the attention and results we’re wanting.

MY USUAL note about my blog postings is below — but just want to draw attention to the post I wrote yesterday about the upcoming “Star of David” configuration.

There’s a lot of hype out there about this admittedly rare but also very short-lived planetary alignment. I hope what I’ve written will offer some grounding in reality, while also encouraging us to reach for the stars!



NorthPoint Astrology Blog: Pam’s most recent blog post, entitled “Grand sextile AKA ‘Star of David’ formation,” was posted on July 20. To read and comment, please visit http://northpointastrology.blogspot.com/

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The Oracle Report Monday, July 22, 2013

Full Moon Phase – Moon In Capricorn/Aquarius

Ruling Mahavidya: Dhumavati

Todyay we will switch from our usual practice of being like a wise owl to being like a wise lion. What do you immediately sense as you place your mind there?

The lion in this picture possesses the full strength of his being, but he is engaged in a meditative state (oneness) with his surroundings. Her recognizes that, at the moment, there is nothing he needs to do.

Today we are wise to be like this lion because we are not in control of what is happening. But we are not helpless or powerless. On the contrary, our power will build throughout this Full Moon phase.

During this Full Moon phase, the Wisdom Goddesses who show the faces of Gaia-Sophia, the Mahavidyas, are creating structures of the mind. We are on “receiver mode” with a massive download taking place. The main purpose of this is to “sweep” away mind parasites that reinforce negative beliefs about self and replace them with new futures.

In some ways we may feel “locked out.” It is good to get used to this feeling (and in fact, revel in the knowledge that a force of grand proportion is working on our behalf).

Can you let go and let things proceed? This is the mission today.


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Dozens of New Oil Rigs Planned for Gulf of Mexico

Praying for the Keshe stuff to come out immediately! This oil insanity has to end soon.

Earth First! Newswire

by John Upton / Grist
An oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico

It’s open season for drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

five-month moratorium on deep-sea drilling was imposed after the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon disaster, but those days are long gone. Now a record-breaking number of rigs are coming to the Gulf to tap gas and oil beneath the sea floor.

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Ancient Symbol Carved Into Dry Oregon Lake Bed … A gift of the Circle Makers



sri yantra


It represents the union of Lord Shiva and goddess Parvathi also known as shakti , and is most powerful and its not a thing to mess with according to ancient vedic texts originated from bharatavarsha (India)

Eastern Oregon was Gifted with the Sri Yantra Mandala Formation in August 1990. It arrived in a dry wilderness lake bed east of Steens Mountain, and consisted of 13.3 MILES of lines, each 10″ wide and scored to a depth of 3 inches in the hardpan. The graphic below is the Sri Yantra, and the Pattern discovered in the dry earth was identical in all respects.







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