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Message from Higher Self and Angels 25 July 2013- Multidimensional Ocean

Thank you for this Laura!

Multidimensional Ocean


Balance is needed in your life now more than ever before for most of you. Now is the time to show your integrity, your power of love and compassion for all life.
We encourage you to truly support each other, understand each other and forgive each other.
Nothing else will stand in the long run in the current situation you find yourself in.
In order to achieve this, you will need to find constantly renewed balance between your outer world and your inner world. These two worlds need to reflect one another, to constantly bounce of each other.
This is a time for extremes now, stay in the middle, take no side, be impartial, yet open to others and many ideas.

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DNA, Animal Kingdom, Lightworkers on Earth – SaLuSa 26 July 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean

Multidimensional Ocean

Animals are in no way inferior to human beings, they are just different in the way that their connection to Source has not been severed from their conscious psyche. Unlike human beings, who have a third brain, called intellect, animals rely merely on their instinct.

This does not make them inferior to you however, human beings, because of certain choices that they have made or that has been made for them, have only a possibility of fully connecting to Source. This possibility has to be pursued through a life time of effort in order to return Home, to Source.


This relate to the so called Human Condition, when humans have separated from the other beings in the Kingdom of God. Humans have a different journey to that of the beings that you consider animals.

In a way, animals are perfectly balanced, and humans have lost their ways when compared…

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SaLuSa 26.07.2013 by Madad

Sirian Heaven



We are ready to begin, are you ready to communicate with us with your new found, or rather to say recovered ability? We feel that the excitement is rising amongst you and believe us, we feel the same way. For some it was very long process of awakening, for some it seems to be very quick, but nevertheless all is happening in the right time because that is how the whole Creation works. Feel how the energy is flowing and glowing around you and let it enter your physical body by simply breathing it in, or you can imagine that it enters your body through the skin and remember that your thoughts are creations, so allow your imagination to fully get into this process. Keep the usual worries and doubts aside and know that one day they will disappear and shall never return, unless you would wish for that…

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The Oracle Report. Friday, July 26, 2013



Disseminating Moon Phase – Moon in Pisces/Aries
Ruling Mahavidya: Dhumavati

Mars continues its close opposition to Pluto (exact opposition Saturday at 6:11 pm EDT/ 10:11 pm UTC) and the energy rapidly builds. Mars-Pluto oppositions bring anger and power/control issues to the surface. Jupiter is close behind, expanding things to unnatural proportion. Heightened imagination is present, which could take things much farther than they need to go and seriously damage situations. Keep in mind that the themes of how well others support or care for us/ how well we support or care for ourselves and if we are appreciated are the undercurrents.

In addition, people are very concerned with appearances today, trying to impress or prove something to others. Humility defuses all of that and so does the knowledge that powers greater than ourselves, the Wisdom Goddesses, are hard at work behind the scenes to bring about changes.

If you find yourself in an emotional maelstrom, a conflict or argument, or a power/control struggle, honor your feelings but respect the feelings of others. Mars energy often cannot see outside of itself. Understand that just because there is dominant energy, you don’t have to be dominated by it. It can be countered through calmness, discernment, and sober judgment.

Twist the energy in on itself, pull out the power of it, and redirect it toward empowering your ability to find beauty and strengthening your connection with the planet. Keep to a humble mission and let the Goddesses continue their work. In the midst, accept the things you personally cannot change.