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Steve Beckow: A Pivitol Distinction

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For many of us, just getting to the state of joy I’d likely the hardest part of this. Starting from gratitude is a good place to begin, I think.

Openhearted Rebellion

Written by Steve Beckow

cutmypic(3)Photo: White Cloud Speaks

I’d like to highlight two statements that were made recently to make the point that I think we’re being moved from what I conceive of as a society-wide or humanity-wide constructed self into a society-wide higher Self and I consider the ultimate completion of that movement to lie in Ascension.

I know this article may be long for some but the distinctions made here are extremely enabling and powerful. I urge you to read it slowly and contemplate on what the two masters are saying.

The first source is White Cloud, who channeled through Blossom Goodchild for our July 29 AnHour with an Angel.

White Cloud began by saying that “an Event” was going to happen soon and that event is the Ascension that we are waiting for. “We do not give dates any more,” he added, “because when it cannot…

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