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The Oracle Report. Monday, July 29, 2013

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Third Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Taurus

Ruling Mahavidya: Shodashi

It has been an interesting and unprecedented month with Kali and four other Mahavidyas sharing the reigns at various times. Today, Shodashi takes center stage, working toward bringing what is in our highest and best desire. Her energy is the most playful of all of the Mahavidyas; she is ever-youthful; and she stirs us to see and create beauty. Shodashi’s span is vast and she is able to work at such far-reaching levels due to the assistance of Matangi – The Administrator. Shodashi and Matangi always work together.

Shodashi’s energy is blissful. We go into a “special land” when Shodashi is on duty. While she is at work putting circumstances in place to fulfill our highest desire she is simultaneoulsy pounding away at the demiurge, the head archon, leader of the pack to enslave the free will and creativity of humanity.

Today we are invited to bask in the light of Shodashi by finding/creating beauty, looking at a bigger or longer-term picture, and participating in the pummeling of dark forces by drumming (if you don’t have a drum, you can hit beats on your leg or on a makeshift drum – anything can be a drum).

To facilitate the connection with Shodashi, free yourself from worries by turning them over to the Wisdom Goddesses. This gives room for Shodashi to enter and settle fun, love of life, and deep appreciation of self as a starry being. Shodashi sees past deficiency and calls forth divine talents and unique potential inherent in everyone. She sees and brings out the good in people. Welcome to her day!

(Note: Here’s an interesting article entitled “Mysterious NASA Video of Saturn Reveals Impossible Hexagon-Shaped Cloud Pattern Larger Than Planet Earth” published yesterday at NaturalNews.com showing a picture of Saturn from 2007. The cloud pattern is a result or tell-tale sign of the type of energy being disseminated by the planet. The Mahavidyas have been hard at work lately to transform the electro-magnetic-harmonic [astrological] frequency of Saturn. Instead of it being the originator of energy to enslave, dominate, and control, it is being reprogrammed to structure open systems based on freedom, upliftment, and release. Saturn is not what it used to be and ideas about it will have to change accordingly.)


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