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Tolec Shares ‘The Hard Reality and a Difficult Truth’

What I find most fascinating about this is that most of it could be read as a description of how colonized humans have treated the Earth and all living beings. This is most assuredly not “our planet”. Earth is a planet full of aware beings of all kinds. None of them has any call to enslave dominate or harm any other. Before you feel superior to these “reptlians” in the article a sk yourself what you had for dinner last night and what was done to it before.
If you live in the Western hemisphere ask yourself who was dominated and enslaved for you to live here? Could we replace the word reptilian with the word “colonizer” as Native people? Will this Event remove them all too?
The pigs, cows, chickens, bees, horses, dolphins, whales, dogs, cats, ndns, and all of t he elemental beings could all ask similar questions…..