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Planet Alert August 2013


Planet Alert Newsletter
August 2013

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How did you experience the energy of July? It was very powerful. There were several important aspects that happened last month. The first was the activation of the Emerald Flame on the new moon of July 8, at least here in Seattle which is called The Emerald City. I’ve heard there is going to be an activation of the Emerald Flame in California where the Sequoia trees are located. The Earth keepers are having a large gathering on August 16-18. It has been 26 years since the Harmonic Convergence on August 16-17, 1987. It’s celebration time. Check out their web site www.Earth-Keeper.com.

The Emerald Flame is also the ray of our heart chakra and indicates more energy coming into our hearts. Basically it is wake-up time. This green ray is also the ray of healing and will activate much healing energy. Mary Magdalene had a healing group called the Sisterhood of the Emerald Fire that did a lot of healing work two thousand years ago. This group (from all over the world) will probably come forward again. I heard through my friend Mona that the Emerald Ray is on the 7th dimension and is connected to the Pleiadian Star system, which is called the seven sisters.

The Emerald Tablets, written by Thoth will also be activated at this time which means new scientific information will come forth for our understanding. It will also be the activation of the little people like fairies and leprechauns and many people will start to see these little ones.

The Mayan Dreamspell Calendar ended on July 24, 2013. Then on July 26th we moved into the year of the seed, which is ruled by Jupiter. This brings new beginnings. Thousands of years ago time bandits from Jupiter and Saturn stole the mathematical code of time. They changed time from 13-20 to 12- 60 which pushed us into the third dimension and threw out the goddess energy. This year 2013 has the vibration of 6 (2+1+3 =6) which is the vibration of love. It is also the musical tone of love which is 528 HZ, which also adds up to 6, and is the color green.

Now we are moving back into the 13-20 energy by moving through a time tunnel. On July 29th there was a Star of David (Merkaba) in the heavens. This opened the time tunnel and is pushing us through it. Basically it is ascension time. Ascension means we are moving into a higher frequency where we will be able to bring Heaven to Earth. I have a feeling that we will be out of the time tunnel by August 25-26 when there is another Star of David (Merkaba) in the heavens.

Both of these stars have Earth and Water trines. A Star of David also has six points. There is the number 6 again. Maybe we will start manifesting energy from the sixth and seventh dimensions. Won’t that be nice? The Earth trine was Pluto in Capricorn, Venus in Virgo, and the moon in Taurus. The water trine was Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces. This was when Jupiter and Saturn bowed to Neptune, the heavenly goddess.

Saturn and Jupiter have been going through a tremendous transformation in the past few years, particularly Saturn. Saturn ruled karma. This means that karma is over for everyone, at least by the end of September. No more blaming your parents, spouse, or whomever for your challenges. Take back your power.

We have been manifesting the negative side of Neptune for a long time by the misuse of drugs on all levels. We have drug wars, the misuse of prescription drugs, and there has been a lot of deception everywhere. Saturn in Scorpio has been doing the job of bringing all of this deception out into the open so we can transform this energy. This planet also brought the misuse of oil to the foreground so we can start using a new energy source. I know it seems very dark right now to many people but this will soon change. As soon as we start vibrating to the positive side of Neptune, which is love and cosmic consciousness, things will get better.

Our scientists say there are 11 dimensions, others say there are 12, and I say there are 13. Anyway, however you look at it, these dimensions or densities do exist and it is our job to manifest the frequency we choose to live in. These densities exist simultaneously and we can jump from one density to another. This is why we all manifest different realities. There are as many realities as there are people on Earth. It doesn’t matter what reality you choose to live in as long as you manifest unconditional love. Love is the glue that holds everything together and this is how we can all become one.

And let’s not forget about the birth of the new Prince George in England. That was an awesome event. He will be so full of love that he will be able to change the whole British Empire, and maybe more. He will be a great leader as time goes on. His chart is very feminine with all those planets in Cancer along with a water trine. He is a feminine soul in a male body. He was born on July 22, which is a master number and the festival of Mary Magdalene. It was also the full moon. I saw on the Internet that lightning struck in London at the time he was born. A manifestation of the elements like that signifies a great soul was just born on Earth.

Now let’s talk about August. I received an email yesterday from a Pleidian channel who says there will be a big shift starting on August 12th. She says there will be vibrational pulses created from the rotation point moving through the Earth plane. These vibrational pulses will create light frequency waves. The intensity will be great and it is time to concentrate on being in your heart chakra and releasing any remaining ego that you might have. Just let it go. Be in the flow and let this energy flow through you. Focus on the Emerald ray and see it opening up your heart chakra to unconditional love. Her web site is www.christineday.com.

We are in an intense period of time which will continue at least through September. Right now the sun is in the sign of Leo and this activates fire energy. This energy, when used to activate your heart chakra, can bring much enlightenment to you. It’s time to shine like a brilliant candle and move into your power.

James Twyman will be having a peace concert in Syria on August 15 and in Egypt on August 18th. If enough people concentrate on peace during that time period maybe we can actually start creating peace on Earth. Please check out his web sitewww.jamestwyman.com.

Egypt is a sign to the world. When they experience peace, the rest of the world will also have peace. The drama of Moses was all about freedom. Let my people go. Then a revolution happens and the people become free. We had the Star of David in the heavens on July 29th which is a very nice energy, but during that same time period Mars was opposing Pluto which brought up the energy of violence. This energy continues to be in effect.

Now, today August 2nd Mars is squaring Uranus which brings unexpected events and there is a major terrorist alert in affect. Mars is over Washington D.C. and Uranus is affecting the countries in North Africa including Egypt. Hopefully this threat will not manifest and we will be able to neutralize the energy of Mars, Pluto, and Uranus. Then the peace concert in Syria and Egypt can change the energy so those countries can become more peaceful. Please add your energy of love to those countries on August 15 and 18th. Let there be peace in the world and let it began with me.

Follow your heart and manifest love. And may the God within you bless you and bring you everything your heart desires. So Be It! *****Mahala Gayle*****


I can be reached at planetalertor by snail mail at 5028 S. 179th Pl SeaTac, WA 98188. I send a big thank you to everyone who donated money to me. It is so much fun getting a gift from God.

Lots of love to everyone.

Mahala Gayle


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Neil Keenan Selling the New World Order?

Thank you so much for sharing this! This is a very important article that makes very clear why many of the vague suspicions and concerns many of us have had should be taken seriously and carefully researched. Sophisticated trickery and mind games are absolutely typical tools in high level political machinations. I have long suspected simething like this but this article connects the dots and brings in the backround so that it is all easy to understand.

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Nuclear plant spills radiation into Lake Michigan

Since they generally hide and lie as much as possible, I tend to think when they admit anything it is probably worse than they say. We need clean sources of energy not profits based in lies and long term damage.

Earth First! Newswire

by John Upton / Grist

Last summer, a leaky tank led to the shutdown of the Palisades nuclear power plant in Michigan. So plant owner Entergy patched up the leak, fired back up the reactor, and hoped for the best.

Unfortunately, the best did not materialize.

The tank began leaking again. But no worries, thought the Einsteins at Entergy, it was only leaking a gallon a day. That was OK, they figured, because the NRC had allowed it to leak up to 38 gallons a day. As of Friday, they were still doing that whole “hoping for the best” thing.

But on Saturday the leaky drip turned into a gush, and all the hoping in the world couldn’t hold back the tide of spilling radioactive water. Nearly 80 gallons of water containing small amounts of radioactive tritium and possibly trace amounts of cobalt and cesium spewed into Lake Michigan,the Nuclear Regulatory…

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AmericanKabuki – The Odd Little Keshe Contract… – 6 August 2013

Is it really a soul contract? I like that he is promoting peace and releasing suppressed technology but I do think Kabuki’s point is interesting. Thid planet has some amazingly vicious, violent and war obsessed humans. It is very likely that many factors in Galactic society want to somehow control, mitigate or negate this before we become a danger to others outside of our own solar system. The catch being that we also do not want to enter Galactic society in a compomised situation like what happened to indigenous peoples on Earth as they entered the colonized “globalized” world.

Lucas 2012 Infos

We noticed something a bit ODD with the Keshe World Peace Treaty contract…  Its a SOUL contract… and the contract doesn’t stipulate just WHOM Keshe represents.  WHO are his handlers? Who does he speak for?  Who’s higher on the FOOD chain?

Manhattan was sold for a few beads and trinkets.  And what’s technology when compared to your soul? Corporations don’t have soulsneither do governments… so who is this aimed at?  Don’t you just hate fine print?

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Julie Miller – El Morya: The Right Attitude is a Powerful Asset

Sometimes we face challenges, like constant pain or the loss of a child that do not seem positive in any way. What we csn do tho is help ourselves suffer less by focusing on the good in our lives even when we feel dominated and overcome by some thing that may not lemd itself to any sort of realistic reframing.

Openhearted Rebellion


The Right Attitude is a Powerful Asset

Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ August 06 – 13, 2013

Received by Julie Miller

August 06, 2013 

How often have you questioned yourself, wondering what you are here for? It is a normal question, and a good question that begins your thinking process and determining where you are on your journey, re-examining some of the goals you are aiming to reach, discovering more of yourself that is filled with empowering energy to bring in more positive changes while at the same time still contributing selflessly to others.

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Dreamwalkerdiaries – Autism: Our Freedom Fighters

Thank you for sharing this! As an autistic person I find it interesting that as a child I actually thought some of what you mentioned. I considered the restrictions of this culture bizarre and pointless. I was blessed with very aware parents who often agreed;-)
The toxic “food” (pesticide, GMO’s etc) are a big stimulus to the freak out behaviours. Removing that stuff and increasing needed nutrients like B-complex and magnesium clears most of it.

Openhearted Rebellion

[Note from Konstantinos: This is so synchronistic, because on exactly the same day, meaning Tuesday, previous week, I was a witness of such a child. It was a boy, maybe 10 years old, he had a series of things in front of him and he was constructing them and deconstructing them many times creating different things and he was keep moving..I felt him as an inventor at work (-_-)I could see the colors blue and pink around him, mainly on the upper part of his skull..he was amazing. Much Love all <3.]


Regarding children with Autism… the “spiritual” interpretation of autism is that they are “indigo”. This refers to a “violet” tinge that you might see on photos. On the surface, children with autism are seen to be “difficult.” Uneducated people say these children are “spoiled” or “belong in an institution”. They say that the “indigo” label was created by…

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