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Dreamwalkerdiaries – Autism: Our Freedom Fighters

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Thank you for sharing this! As an autistic person I find it interesting that as a child I actually thought some of what you mentioned. I considered the restrictions of this culture bizarre and pointless. I was blessed with very aware parents who often agreed;-)
The toxic “food” (pesticide, GMO’s etc) are a big stimulus to the freak out behaviours. Removing that stuff and increasing needed nutrients like B-complex and magnesium clears most of it.

Openhearted Rebellion

[Note from Konstantinos: This is so synchronistic, because on exactly the same day, meaning Tuesday, previous week, I was a witness of such a child. It was a boy, maybe 10 years old, he had a series of things in front of him and he was constructing them and deconstructing them many times creating different things and he was keep moving..I felt him as an inventor at work (-_-)I could see the colors blue and pink around him, mainly on the upper part of his skull..he was amazing. Much Love all <3.]


Regarding children with Autism… the “spiritual” interpretation of autism is that they are “indigo”. This refers to a “violet” tinge that you might see on photos. On the surface, children with autism are seen to be “difficult.” Uneducated people say these children are “spoiled” or “belong in an institution”. They say that the “indigo” label was created by…

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