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Rising Tide versus the Avengers? The Culture Industry and the NSA

Most people seem to thinkthat “entertainment” is benign or harmless “fun”. But lately the very real programming and thought control aspects of so much of our media are becoming too obvious to miss. Thank you for posting this!

Earth First! Newswire

ByEarth First! News

In a stomach churning development from the frontiers of the American media void, the culture industry recently vomited up a new TV show called  “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D”— a spin-off of the Marvel Avengers Franchise.

Among the arch nemesis of the protagonist organization—S.H.I.E.L.D.—will be cyber-terrorist group, The Rising Tide, whose logo looks surprisingly similar to the logo of our very own, dear old Rising Tide.


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New series of hopeful posts..

I love seeing hopeful news!Thank you for posting this. AAnother great source of hopeful news is Yes! Magazine. They only report good helpful hopeful stuff. I think ignoring problems to feel.positive doesn’t work well, but focusing on solutions and creative responses seems to generate even more good energy.

Spirit Train Chronicles

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SaLuSa on Shifting Solar Energies – 7 August 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean

Multidimensional Ocean


Laura: Carolina just pointed out to me that I posted the title under the wrong date, which I have just corrected to August 🙂 ! ooppsy!!


SaLuSa on Shifting Solar Energies – 7 July 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean

The Energies are affecting you in a very positive way at the moment. We are always enjoying your planet blooming with people’s increasing awareness and joy. The extra sunshine is a spectacular event for us to watch, as the Sun is undergoing its natural cycle of polarity reversal, which is nothing to be nervous about at all, as it is a very regular event.

Around this time, there are extra radiations being emitted from the Sun, preparing for its polarity reversal. This energy is being dispersed over the planet in an even manner, and envelops the planet in a gentle soft blanket of light. Many of you are feeling its effect…

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The Hathors – Lion’s Gate Portal August 8th & 25th – THEME MAGIC – EXPANSION OF CONSCIENCE

Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe

thehathorslionsgateWe are the Hathors, and we come to bring you a message. A message that a new MAGICAL wave of light is about to sweep your planet and YOU are NEEDED yet again. For the theme of the portal that is about to sweep your planet is MAGIC.

On August 8th of your earthly time, many will experience the incoming energies, for the Lions Gate will indeed open and allow the energy to come through to all the light workers. As this occurs many of you will experience the expansion of your energy body, your physical body and your consciousness. Many of you will experience yourself becoming denser and heavier, and yet larger than life, at moments you will feel as if you are about to burst, worry NOT, for what you will be experiencing is a collection of energies that you are then to anchor into GAIA on…

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No Compromise: A Compilation in Defense of the Wild

Awesome! Thank you for making this (and for all that you do-you are making such a wonderful difference with your work)

Earth First! Newswire


Earth First! Has Released a Punk Compilation Benefit Album

Celebrating 34 years in print and direct action, the Earth First! Journal is the voice of the radical direct action environmental movement. Punk is an artistic movement founded in the same era on the principles of resistance and, as a culture, continues to boldly challenge a destructive system. The EF!J collective presents this compilation of punk bands that share a no-compromise attitude towards defense of the living world, in order to draw these two powerful forms of communication together. All profits from the  album’s sales go to Earth First! Media projects, organizing expenses, and legal funds.

The compilation comes with a book featuring exclusive interviews between band members, heads of punk labels like Will Butler from To Live a Lie, and a former Earth First! Journal co-editor and contributor, MJ. This album was released through All We Know Records

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A short update on the energies

aisha north

Dear friends!

I got this message from the CCs this morning, and it seems to confirm what many of us have been feeling lately:

“Thank you for once again checking in with us. You see, the lines may feel like they are less than busy at the moment, but in fact, they are more busy than ever, but now, so much is going on behind the scenes, it is best to keep you out of it. Not because we do not trust you in any way, but because what is happening is of such magnitude, it is beyond the capabilities of a human mind to even try to penetrate it. You see, the realms that are so far hidden from your inquisitive eyes, are at all times at high alert as it were, and we do not leave anything to chance. Hence, the seeming lack of information being filtered through…

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Growing Herbs

Thank you for sharing your beautiful garden with us Laura!
Subtropical summer is hard on roses and herbs so I really enjoy seeing yours looking so happy;-) my eucalyptus and basils are having a fine time but the other survivors are a bit bedraggled right now.

Laura Bruno's Blog

I’ve always loved herbs, even as a little child. In their kitchen, my parents have a cross-stitched hanging with the words, “Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed,” surrounded by blocked images and the names of herbs. If my dad ever wanted to get me to squeal with delight, all he’d have to do is read the names of all the herbs in order, really, really fast. It got me giggling and clapping every single time!

As a middle school student, I fell in love with Jean M. Auel’s Clan of the Cave Bear series — but not because of the plot. It was the herbs! Isa, Ayla’s adoptive mother, knew everything about plants and herbal remedies. I used to page breathlessly through all the descriptions of plants, preparations, cooking and healing salves. Even when the series took a bit smuttier turn, the main thing that held my…

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James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Interview 713 – Leon Pittard On How To Grow Your Own Food – 7 August 2013

Thank you for posting this!

Lucas 2012 Infos

JamesCorbett4Link to podcast

Leon Pittard of FairdinkumRadio.com joins us once again to discuss the process of getting off of the corporate farming food supply chain. We talk about Leon’s own gardening efforts, tips for developing nutritive soil, juicing, preparing and preserving homegrown foods, and motivation for those not blessed with a green thumb. You can follow Leon’s gardening progress at his YouTube channel, fairdinkumradio1.

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The Oracle Report Wednesday August 7, 2013



New Moon Phase: set a wish or intention

Moon: Leo

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhairavi

RECORDING 8/5/2013 – New Moon in Leo – Bhairavi

We saw and felt the power of a New Moon with an accompanying Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto aspect yesterday. It will take a whole month to process all that was set in place yesterday…

That energy will unfold throughout the month and its theme is “sudden and deep realizations that change our perspective and experience of life.” Events/situations/circumstances develop very quickly and seem to come out of the blue. Things blow up in proportion (which is a good thing if you are working on something positive). A dredging up of something from the past occurs. Wounds to the heart heal.

This is happening for everyone, but if you felt some sort of physical sensation in your heart (heaviness, random pain, slight constrictive feeling, etc.), strong efforts to heal and fortify your heart are underway this month. Not everyone will feel a physical sensation. Those whose astrology is being triggered by the astrology of the New Moon will feel this most intensely. Translated another way, frequencies within individuals’ personal energetic fields are being tuned. This happens on the subtle levels of the body, mind, and soul, but sometimes manifests in physical symptoms under massive astrological aspects like these.

Bhairavi is the Wisdom Goddess working hard to fortify our hearts this month and she is placing special emphasis on trauma. In the latest audio recording, I talk about trauma and how easy it is for us to be traumatized by things. I talk a little about trauma and the brain, but the link to the heart is due to the fact that the heart contains neural cells – brain cells! Trauma is stored deeply in the brain, but it is also simultaneously stored deeply in the heart. This is fact.

Our collective heartbreak is the archontic control over our reality that has resulted in collective hopelessness because everyone felt better off in all aspects of life many years ago. Technology accelerated the process. I am not a technophobe, but we do not use technology consciously. It is too easy for nefarious intent to be disseminated. Trickery comes as fast and easy as you can type or click it into being. Archons continuosly berate us through directly talking us into feeling bad about ourselves and using technology as a reinforcer. Archons are interdimensonal, so we rarely see or hear them, but they bombard us constantly. This will drastically change with the New Moon in Virgo on September 5, 2013.

But back to our current New Moon. The Leo New Moon energy will develop all month long, but it is strongest while we are in the four days of the New Moon phase. Things will come at us very quickly. Expect surprises but don’t judge yet. That comes at a later Moon phase. Keep yourself focused and aimed on receiving instruction from the Wisdom Goddesses, but be clear in your understanding that courage is building in your warrior’s heart. We are a band of Warriors for the Love of Life.

Note: Wise owl Kristina of the Oracle Report Facebook community asks about the directives of each of the eight Moon phases, which I frequently refer to but have yet to fully explain. My teacher expresses the Moon phases so well; hopefully she will be able to record a lesson on it at some point. I am adding the “mission” of the Moon phase at the top of the page as a daily reminder.

My teacher was a friend of the late Buz Myers. If you want to learn more about the non-profit foundation continuing his work, go towww.followthemoon.organd see what the fine folks there are doing (including their annual October conference in Virginia Beach)