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Portal – 7-29-13 – Manifest what you want NOW – AA Metatron

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Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe

portal72913And so it begins the first stepping stone into the golden age has been built. We congratulate you children of light, we congratulate you for everything that you have done with all of your might and light. We congratulate all of your efforts, especially in the last few days of your earthly time.

You have finally passed through the gates, the gates of heaven and earth. All of you who have indeed opened their merkaba’s and have fully aligned with the purpose of your being, have transcended this reality and have arrived on the other side of the veil. Yes indeed it is true dear children of light. For many of you have been experiencing laps of time.

The gates of the time and space have been opened, and you are free to walk fully conscious into the new world of your choosing. Yes of your choosing, for the choice…

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