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The Other Side of the Current Financial “Reset”: Conflicting Intel from RTS

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Wow! Thank you for sharing this. The other shoe drops-this is long but really important info. It is too easy to be fooled about things that are not your own area of expertise. Due to my own graduate work in globalization I have long been very suspicious of the financisl “shift” promised in so many places online. None oc the many “plans” added up or made sense based on what I already knew. But I wad a scholar not a spy with top secret “intel”. So I just reserved judgement. It seems I am not alone in feeling more discernment is needed. Hierarchy is a farce based on lies. Money is a tool of control and hierarchy. Freedom will never be achieved thru *any* financial system for the simple reason that structures designed to enslave cannot make anyone free. “You cannot tear down the master’s house using the master’s tools” Audre Lourde

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