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Stand Your Ground In Action: Killing Our Kids

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Thank you for posting this. I agree with and support the castle doctrine and self defense in general but syg laws simply encourage idiots to beave irresponsibly, often with tragic outcomes.

End Stand Your Ground

This is an excerpt from a publication by the National District Attorneys Association (NDAA) entitled “Expansions to the Castle Doctrine: Implications For Policy And Practice“. The implication of [stand your ground] is inserted here into their synopsis to emphasize where and how SYG laws apply:

“The following is an illustration of the potentially serious problems posed by changes [stand your ground] in no-retreat laws. Imagine that a nine-year-old girl is playing with her dolls outside her home.

In the house next door, a known drug-dealer, Red Rock, is selling drugs when he notices a rival drug-dealer, Yellow Man, with whom he had an earlier confrontation, coming down the street. Red Rock retrieves a semiautomatic assault rifle to defend himself.

Shots are exchanged, and in the aftermath, the little girl, once playing innocently, lies dead. Both Red Rock and Yellow Man claim selfdefense through the unprecedented changes [stand your…

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