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Fairies, Fairies Everywhere! A Mini Reading For August 9, 2013. By, Bella Capozzi.

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Thank you, Bella! It has been my experience that ifyou speak to faeries and elementals eith respect and love, and if you show by your actions the itegrity in your heart (ie acting wuth respect for Earth and all living beings) then they are happy to form relationships and help us to learn about them and about the land where ee live and what it needs from us. The trick is in learning to be open to your intuition and other subtle ways of perceiving information. And bring able to let go of what you *think* you should hear so you can hear what really comes. Also, everything is alive and has faeries and elementals associated with it. Wooden furniture and books were once trees. As were plastic things-even tho that was a lot longer ago;-) cloth is made from plants (or oil products that also used to be plants long ago). Every element kn the periodic table was born in the heart of a star;-) so even if you are stuck in a hypermodern condo you are slways close to them.indeed sylphs must be with us always since we die without breathing. So no matter where you are you can connect with them. I feel that they do appreciate our gratitude fir all they do gor us after so long being ignored and treated badly.

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