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The Oracle Report Saturday, August 10 – Sunday, August 11, 2013

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Crescent Moon Phase: challenge leads to expansion

Moon: Libra

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhairavi

RECORDING 8/5/2013 – New Moon in Leo – Bhairavi


The Crescent Moon phase of the lunar cycle begins Saturday. Whereas the New Moon phase is where we seed an intention, at the Crescent Moon phase the seed pops open and begins its life. It takes a tremendous amount of energy for the seed to do this because it is going against its previous state of being (a seed) to a living state of being (a seedling). In life, Crescent phase challenges us. Struggles ensue. Will the seed move beyond the challenges to continue on and grow or will it give up? Many dreams, wishes, intentions, and ideas end during the Crescent phase because we have a tendency to give up when faced with difficulties (growing pains).
The keywords for Crescent phase are expansion, growth, struggle, gathering, and questions. Masculine instincts are activated. The senses of taste, touch, and smell are heightened.

There is extra effort in play to keep us from giving up on our wish or intention this month. Bhairavi is fortifying our hearts (making us stronger) and Shodashi is working very hard to bring our highest and best (which she decides). We move through the challenges of Crescent phase when we understand the process. The Universe asks us if we are serious enough with our wish to not let it die. If we stick with it with an eye on the greater picture (that there are 6 more Moon phases that will develop the wish), we can forego the struggle and go with the flow.

This weekend’s energy sends things into different places than they normally go (and maybe places that are a little bit unusual). Varieties and versions change; unconsidered options and possibilities emerge. It’s good to follow things into the weirdness today. If this brings us worries or fears, rest assured that we are rooted or moored with the planet at all times. We are always connected, so it is ok to let events or feelings expand. Broaden your experience.

If the filament on the Sun collapses and produces a Hyder flare, the weirdness or eccentricity will amp up considerably. This is a good thing! Weird is interesting. Without weird, life would be boring. Weird is original. The energy in this solar filament is sweepingly beautiful and maybe it will turn into fireworks.

Let’s each of us send some fireworks of our own back to the Sun this weekend. Shoot some love it’s way in your own little prayer or ritual. If it’s cloudy where you are and the Sun isn’t showing, find it in your mind’s eye.

Remember we are on a mission to fall back in love with life and to help others do it, too. Stay the course through the Crescent phase.


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