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Mugabe Wins Again!

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Thank you for sharing this. I don’t think most Americans have any idea of the msssive manipulation and efforts to control foreign countries internal affairs.

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When is an election not an election? The answer, as far as the imperialists are concerned, is whenever the result goes against them.

This week Robert Mugabe won the Zimbabwean presidential race for the fifth time on the run while his Zanu-PF party trounced the opposition in the race for seats in the National Assembly.

Mugabe has long been a thorn in the flesh of the Anglo-American and Franco-German imperialists who saw their plans to control the Zimbabwean economy time and time again frustrated by the veteran African leader. Mugabe’s land-reforms and general anti-imperialist stance led them to put all their money and political and economic muscle behind Tsvangirai’s movement whose high vote in the 2008 parliamentary election led to the formation of a coalition with Zanu-PF the following year.

But Tsvangirai’s dismal performance as premier along with the autocratic handling of his own front and the damaging…

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