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This Is A Special Message To The Channels – Please assist in sharing this

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Thank you for posting this. When I was younger I thouhht channeling was really odd and pointless. I gave come to understand that in colonized culture people have been so conditioned not to trust their own inner truth that this process of learning to do so thru learning to listen to a higher power in channeling and channeled messages and hone internal discernment is actually elegantly designed and perfect for its purpose.
The more each of us evolves snd grows the faster our societies will also improve.

Spirit Train Chronicles



You have all done a wonderful job and your success far exceeded expectations.

Your mission was to come here and channel messages from the higher dimensions.  Those messages were to explain and educate the people of this world about the truth of their being.  It was to show them that they are so much more than what they see in the mirror.  Their higherselves have been working along with you to bring this understanding to them.  This combination has provided many more then expected with the knowing to go to the next phase of this mission.

This next phase involves the integration of the higherself with the physical person.  That merging will provide the planet with walking Avatars (please refer to the previous post for more on that).  This is the way Christ consciousness is to be brought to the planet.  We also would like you, the channels to…

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