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Military spying on Natives

Military spying on Natives.

Canada’s military spying on NativesCanada’s military has a special Counter-Intelligence Unit that has compiled at least eight reports on Native activities since January 2010.Greg Horn• Thu, Oct 13, 2011ACanadian military counter-intelligence unit created in the 1990s is keeping tabs on Native groups – including the Assembly of First Nations. The Canadian Forces’ National Counter-Intelligence Unit was created to protect the Forces and the Department of National Defence from terrorists, espionage and saboteurs.Between January 2010 and July 2011 the National Counter-Intelligence Unit assembled at least eight reporting on the activities of Native organizations, records obtained by the Globe and Mail under the Access to Information Law show.The Department of National Defence is saying that it did not obtain the intelligence itself, but that the information came from other government agencies. The Globe and Mail reported that the information cites confidential sources with apparent inside knowledge of Native groups.The Counter-Intelligence Information Reports alert the military to events, including plans of a protest blockade of Highway 401 in Ontario, and of a potential backlash among Native people over Ontario’s introduction of the Harmonized Sales Tax. These reports also cite potential future protests and lobbying on Parliament Hill by Native groups, including the activities of the AFN, the Algonquin Anishinabeg Nation Tribal Council and Red Power United.The counter-intelligence unit was first formed in the 1990’s and its purpose is to “identify, investigate and counter threats to the security of the Canadian Forces and the Department of National Defence from foreign intelligence services, or from individuals/groups engaged in espionage, sabotage, subversion, terrorism, extremism or criminal activities.”The Unit is answerable to the Chief of Defence Intelligence, who is responsible to the vice-chief of the defence staff.A Defence department spokesperson said the military generally draws up reports on a variety of topics to evaluate and anticipate potential threats. The reports are also part of an integrated national security network.GregH@kahnawakenews.com — Iorì:wase

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The Oracle Report Monday, August 12, 2013



Crescent Moon Phase: challenge leads to expansion
Moon: Libra

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhairavi/Shodashi

RECORDING 8/5/2013 – New Moon in Leo – Bhairavi

A grove of weeping willows is something to behold. If you haven’t seen these trees before (and this photograph hardly does them justice), it is worth putting on your list. They mesmerize you as they bend and brush in the wind. Sit under one and you are transported into another realm while held in protective arms.
Weeping willows are the most “acrobatic” of all trees and they have dancer’s spirits. The willow grows upward but it bends itself back downward to be closest to it’s source – the goddess Gaia Sophia. Today we will practice the skill of being like this tree and perform our own dance to navigate the energy. We will bend and brush with grace.

Sometimes willows represent where we have “bent over backwards” or have “gone too far” for our own good. They also symbolize the desire to retreat from the outside world (the matrix) and the desire to return to the world of spirit.

Some feel that willow trees are “weaker” trees. This is not true. They have hundreds of limbs that can lash anything into oblivion. The willow is Shodashi’s tree. She pummels with persistent lashes. Shodashi doesn’t just destroy through pounding vibration; she sends that energy back to Source (the Galactic Center) to be re-envisioned (re-engineered). In truth, the willow tree embodies limitlessness. As Bhairavi strengthens our hearts, Shodashi prepares their protection.

As the Crescent Moon phase continues, don’t struggle – glide. Dance like a willow in the wind.


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Monday Montana Megaload Uprising!

Thank you for sharing this. And thanks to all involved in these actions. It is pathetic when citizens have take great risks to do what our democratically elected governments SHOULD be doing if they weren’t wholly owned corporate subsidiaries:-/ I and nany others are deeply grateful to all the heroic people on the front lines of this war for our Earth and all living beings against greed.

Earth First! Newswire

539635_600999956589448_1570557651_nCross Posted fromWIRT

Dear Comrades,

Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) offers its humble gratitude for all of the courageous Nez Perce tribal members and regional supporters who so successfully blockaded and scuttled the Omega Morgan plan to move a 644,000-pound evaporator to Alberta tar sands operations through the wild rivers, forests, and canyons of the Nez Perce homeland.  After crossing Idaho over four nights and meeting the most passionate resistance ever witnessed by such an industrial convoy, the megaload reached Highway 12 milepost 4, just over Lolo Pass in Montana, at 5:30 am on Friday morning, August 8.  Ideally, the Idaho Rivers United/Nez Perce injunction requested on Thursday may take effect this week for the Lochsa-Clearwater wild and scenic river corridor in Idaho.  We have heard that another eight loads are now headed down the Washington coast toward the Port of Wilma, so we are calling on all West Coast/Columbia…

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NorthPointAstrology JournalYour Guide to Planetary Energies forAugust 12 to 18, 2013 By Pam Younghans

dj mcphail perseid lights web space 1375730392 lg

dj mcphail perseid lights web space 1375730392 lg

Today’s photo: Auroras and a Perseid meteor over Ontario, Canada onAugust 5, 2013 (photo by DJ McPhail, posted on Spaceweather.com)
EVERY ELEVEN YEARS or so, the Sun goes through a magnetic reversal — the pole that has had a positive electrical field becomes negative, and the pole that has been negative becomes positive. This shift occurs during what scientists call a “solar maximum,” when the number of coronal mass ejections (CMEs) on the Sun usually dramatically increase.
We are currently a solar maximum period. And, although the number and size of CMEs in this particular solar maximum have not met the expectations of scientists, the CMEs do seem to be succeeding in their purpose.
The solar magnetic “flip” made news headlines this week because scientists believe it should happen sometime in the next three to four months.
A NASA ARTICLE from 2003 explains how the process appears to work:
“The CMEs blast billions of tons of electrified gas into space, carrying away the Sun’s old magnetic field and allowing a new one with a flipped orientation to form. Apparently random CMEs turn out to be signs of the Sun’s diligent housekeeping. It keeps sweeping away, out into space, untidy magnetic fields created by sunspots and other contortions in its atmosphere.
“The climax comes in a busy period of ‘spring cleaning’ after the count of sunspots has peaked, every 11 years. It leaves the Sun with its main magnetic field completely overturned, and its north and south magnetic poles swapped around.”
WHAT DOES this event mean for us? In “real terms,” we can expect more evidence of the interaction of the energy fields of the Sun and our planet Earth, through auroras and variations in Earth’s electromagnetic field. But, as an astrologer, I am of course even more fascinated in what the potentials are for us humans, in personal and spiritual terms.
One thing that intrigues me is that evidently the magnetic flip on the Sun is not instantaneous, but can be drawn out over several months. The last flip occurred from 2000 through 2002. The north pole on the Sun completed its reversal by November 2000, but the south pole was not done with the switch until May 2002.
Like most changes in life, the Sun’s magnetic shift appears to be a process rather than an sudden event.
I ALSO find it interesting to consider that since our Sun started a new magnetic cycle in 2000-2002, our planet and we ourselves also began a new cycle around that time. If I think about my own life, I am aware of significant changes that occurred during those two years, changes that have in some ways defined these past 11 years.
Now we are poised to begin a new cycle once again. We are both completing the phase we’ve been living in and preparing to initiate a new phase.
WE ALL KNOW of specific events that occurred in 2001 that effectively changed many aspects of our society, bringing in new restraints on our freedoms and expanding governmental controls. At the time, it all seemed reasonable, since Fear was in charge.
It’s interesting that some of the governmental “rights” that were put in place 12 years ago are now being questioned. Perhaps we’ve moved beyond being controlled by Fear, and are ready to live life from a different perspective.
THE EVENTS of September 2011 are ones that we mutually shared, so they come quickly to mind as a reference point. But, like me, you may remember other shifts that occurred in your personal life in2000-2002, changes that have significantly shaped your experience in the years since.
As we prepare for this new solar magnetic flip, we may want to consider what we are completing now, and what issues and themes of the past 11 years we are ready to put behind us. We will also want to think about what magnetic shift we ourselves want to make at this point, knowing that in some ways, we are creating an energetic foundation that will be with us for the next 11 or 12 years.
MERCURY is in the spotlight throughout the coming week, indicating that it’s time for us to come to new conscious awareness of where we are and where we want to go from here. A Pluto-Mercury aspect on Tuesday requires an adjustment in our thinking, especially in any ways we’ve been feeling superior or “more entitled” than others.
On Thursday, Mercury is even more active — the messenger planet squares the Moon’s Nodes, trines Uranus and is quincunx Chiron. This indicates a highly energized day, when we have the opportunity to conceive breakthrough ideas but are also challenged to keep the bigger picture in mind, and to understand at a deeper level the truth that “we are all one.”
TOWARD WEEK’S END, we have quite a mix of planetary energies to work with. On Friday, Venus enters Libra for a four-week stay, helping us find new balance, harmony and equity in our relationships.
The drawback to Venus in Libra can be an exaggerated need to please others, motivated out of our desire to be liked or loved. It may help remember that Libra the Scales works best when self and other are in balance, neither considered better or more deserving than the other.
ALSO ON FRIDAY, Jupiter trines the North Node, enabling us to take large strides in the direction of our higher purpose and personal growth. And, even though contentious Pluto-Sun and Mars-Eris aspects may bring some uncomfortable moments for our egos, we can also utilize a helpful Saturn-Sun aspect to move beyond the surface explanations and find a supportive truth.
On Saturday, the Sun aligns with Ceres in Leo, inspiring creative self-expression and helping boost self-esteem and confidence. Because Ceres rules home and hearth, this may be a very good day to do work around the home or with family.
On Sunday, as Mercury aligns with Vesta in Leo, our ego involvement and need for approval may become more obvious. But, this alignment can be very positive in helping us express our thoughts — as long as we make sure the other person wants to hear what we are wanting to share!


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August 12 to 18, 2013]

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A Message from the Light Collective, 10 August 2013, channeled by Tazjima

Thank you, Elizabeth. This is beautiful.

Blue Dragon Journal


The Light Collective:  A Message

via Eliza Ayres

In the ever present Now moment, we would like to take you on a tour of your Self. Each of you who read our words is beginning to wake up to the fact that you are more than a body or a single consciousness. In fact, you are a collective being. You exist in a Multiverse, more than one universe, in more than one body, on more than one planet. And yet, your primary consciousness is focused, here and now, in this human body and on this planet, Earth, located in a side arm of the vast Milky Way Galaxy. Why? You are here because the transition that this beautiful but humble planet is undergoing is unprecedented in at least one Universe and really all Universes.

Many of you, even those who have long been conscious of the transition are struggling with the issue…

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