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Monday Montana Megaload Uprising!

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Thank you for sharing this. And thanks to all involved in these actions. It is pathetic when citizens have take great risks to do what our democratically elected governments SHOULD be doing if they weren’t wholly owned corporate subsidiaries:-/ I and nany others are deeply grateful to all the heroic people on the front lines of this war for our Earth and all living beings against greed.

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539635_600999956589448_1570557651_nCross Posted fromWIRT

Dear Comrades,

Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT) offers its humble gratitude for all of the courageous Nez Perce tribal members and regional supporters who so successfully blockaded and scuttled the Omega Morgan plan to move a 644,000-pound evaporator to Alberta tar sands operations through the wild rivers, forests, and canyons of the Nez Perce homeland.  After crossing Idaho over four nights and meeting the most passionate resistance ever witnessed by such an industrial convoy, the megaload reached Highway 12 milepost 4, just over Lolo Pass in Montana, at 5:30 am on Friday morning, August 8.  Ideally, the Idaho Rivers United/Nez Perce injunction requested on Thursday may take effect this week for the Lochsa-Clearwater wild and scenic river corridor in Idaho.  We have heard that another eight loads are now headed down the Washington coast toward the Port of Wilma, so we are calling on all West Coast/Columbia…

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