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You Are Not Alone in Your Challenges Right Now!

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Thank you, Laura. I too have noticed this going on for so many people. I was trying patience just waiting for things to pass, but I really like the ideas and tools you suggest in this post. Often just taking action, reminding ourselves that despite the huge forces at work on us now we do have agency. We are not helpless ir passive bystanders. Ascenscion appears to be a “full contact sport”;-)

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I just sent this as a reply to someone feeling really down about all the old issues popping up in life right now, including finances. It occurred to me that I’m hearing similar frustrations from so many new clients, friends, family members, as well as different parts of myself right now, that this is a timely message for more than just that person. I’m sharing my reply here:

Sorry to hear you’re going through the ringer right now. I would suggest trying the Heart Breath meditation that I just posted on my blog yesterday: http://laurabruno.wordpress.com/2013/08/12/timothy-glenn-the-heart-breath/

So many people are struggling right now! Lots and lots of old stuff is coming up for major clearing, so please don’t judge yourself for having old challenges right now. It’s actually a good sign if you can recognize it as a clearing rather than a failure. Think of it as a cleanse — sometimes…

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