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Last Bobcat Freed from Montana Fur Farm

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Thank you for posting this. I did not even know bobcats were imprisoned like this. Why can’t people understand that you can never increase your own prosperityby torturing innocent beings? There are so many better ways to keep warm. Many thanks to all involved in sny wsy in freeing these innocents. We will know the “golden age” is here when every living being on Earth is treated with respect-not when any group “releases funds” or resets financial systems. It is s Shift that has to happen in our hearts first.

Earth First! Newswire

by Peter Young / Animal Liberation Frontline

The Animal Liberation Front is taking credit for the release of a single bobcat from the Frazier Fur Farm in Plains, Montana. In a communique released today, the ALF stated they entered what appeared to be a closed fur farm, then found a single bobcat in a hutch at the rear of the property. They opened the cage, and watched the bobcat “run free into the wilderness.”

This is the second fur farm liberation in just over two weeks. In late-July, anonymous individuals took credit for releasing between 2,400 and 4,800 mink from a fur farm in Burley, Idaho.

This is the first recorded live liberation from a Montana fur farm. Montana is said to be home to 14 bobcat and lynx farms, according toCoalition Against Fur Farms.

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