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Suzanne Lie: Consciousness and Perception

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ConsciousnessExpandedSuzanne Lie: Consciousness and Perception. August 13, 2013. http://suzanneliephd.blogspot.co.uk/

Our brains are electrical and filled with neurons and individual cells connected to one another by dendrites and axons. Every time we think, move, feel, or remember something our neurons are working. That work is carried out by small electric signals that zip from neuron to neuron. These signals are generated by different electrical potentials carried by ions on the membrane of each neuron.

All of our physical perceptions are registered on our physical brain. However, our physical brain is a component of the hologram of our 3D reality. Our mind, on the other hand, is that which connects us to our Cosmic Mind, which resonates beyond the 3D hologram. Whereas our brain is the physical operation system of our Earth vessel, our mind is the electricity that runs that operating system. This “electricity” is…

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