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Cognitive Dissonance? Or Mass Dissassociative Disorder ~ Zen Gardner

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Angel wings and Unicorns


by Zen Gardner

Sounds like a false choice, I know, but it’s not. Unconscious humanity is in a real pickle. A little term defining first since these concepts may seem confusing.

Cognitive dissonance, which most people are familiar with, is a psychological phenomenon that takes place in less than conscious human thinking, and a favourite tool for manipulation by social engineers. It pits the experiencer between what they’re being told and the fact that what they’re witnessing is nothing of the sort. The subject then has to synthesize a middle ground explanation or justification for what’s going on in some conscious or subconscious form, essentially ignoring the absolute contradiction before them because they don’t know how to reconcile the two phenomena nor realize the motive for the deception.

They then virtually recreate the lying solution being handed them, usually from seeming “authorities” supposedly there to tell us the fabricated lie…

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