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Obama supporters will go hysterical over this well sourced list of 252 examples of his lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, etc.

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Thank you for sharing this. As an Obama supporter I have been disappointed in many things. I do not see that he is any worse than the NWO folks he runs against, or “liberals” like LBJ who make my skin crawl thinking about the horrible things they were involved with. But I agree that his rhetoric is far too good to fit with him being just another puppet of the 1%. Unfortunately when a system is this rigged-if they make it into office odds are they are a puppet 9 times out of 10. (With notable exceptions like ron paul and kucinich). We have to clear out the puppeteers before we can believe any “promises” from any candidate.

Author: ohnwentsya

Be the change you wish to see, let's co-create the win-win future we know is possible together!

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