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This is so beautiful! I am seeing the same synchronicity of people coming together to bring nature/permaculture improvement to the local community both in my neighborhood and thru friends experiences like yours, Laura. Heartening and joyful on its own, I also see it as tangible “proof” that the Shift really is progressing as promised in spite of the many failed predictions of big showy govt based events like “nesara”. Not surprising reallybas we are shifting to a direct pe rsonal resonsibility and experience world from a top-down, controlled and mediated world:-) Thank you for always sharing so much that lifts spirits and makes me smile!

Laura Bruno's Blog

Thanks, Colette!

This is so timely, as I’m working with some neighborhood youths to apply for an available local grant for youths aged 15-20 to improve our neighborhood. My idea? Plant fruit trees in a ho-hum park down the street to beautify the space and provide food security for our town.

I had asked for the grant-required youths “to just show up at my door,” and yesterday, they did just that! Three were congregated outside our back gate, and we started talking. It turns out that one of the guys had actually asked our landlord if he could plant fruit trees on this property after our landlord cleared away most of the overgrown, neglected trees last year. I had hoped to find youths that would be willing to engage this project as a community service or for college application building, but this young man is passionate about Nature. He’s…

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