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Radioactive – Imagine Dragons


Several words in these printed lyrics may be incorrect according to comments but even with the ambiguity they still point to the same growing awareness or “waking up”.
Despite what some might call negative lyrics the tone and feeling of the song is incredibly uplifting.
I love the name of this band since I Do;-) (imagine dragons that is, all the time!)

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Two Questions for Doctors — And Congress

I did feel that given the limits we have on healthcare, “Obama care” was at least a step in the right direction allowing more people to get care. But given a real choice of removing those limits and having Real choices of actual effective therapies like TCM, reiki, acupuncture, hydrotherapy like in Japan and Europe I would choose real choice. Unfortunately those are not the options now. It is “Obamacare” or nothing for far too many. Imho healthcare should NEVER be a profit seeking venture. I think no insurance should exist and no corporations should ever be allowed to profit from any aspect of health care. That would end Big Pharma and the Cancer Industry. In China they have universal care but for nonemergencies the first prescription was for some time reportedly to learn and do the 24 form tai chi for 6 weeks and come back after if still not well.

Laura Bruno's Blog

I sent this as a private email to my dad today, since he’s needing to evaluate some recommended treatments. Even with my own dad, I am not diagnosing or prescribing — just encouraging him to keep his eyes, ears and Spidey senses open. I thought my comments were worth sharing here, too, with a little addendum at the end:

On the rare occasions I was allowed into one of [my very health-challenged ex’s] doctor’s appointments, I would invariably ask two questions after the doctors had had their say:

1) If this were you, would you pursue this same diagnosis and treatment?

2) If this were your spouse, would you pursue this same diagnosis and course of treatment?

The squirming, lack of eye contact and question dodging were usually quite telling. Every once in awhile, a doctor would look me in the eye and say, “Well, if it were me, I…

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The Oracle Report Thursday, August 22, 2013



Full Moon Phase: experience, illumination, revelation

Moon: Pisces

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhairavi and Shodashi

Today the Sun moves out of the sign of Leo and into the sign of Virgo. The Sun released two CMEs from the magentic filament that collapsed yesterday, not just one. Many people have difficulties sleeping well during this type of solar activity. But the dissemination of light that comes from the CMEs – the electro-magnetic punches – provides the opportunity to see/understand more than we normally would.

This is helpful today because the energy tends toward idealization. What is presented may be a representation of the way things were in the past, but do they truly look like that now? We are inclined to look at only the best features of something, ignoring the ones we don’t like or don’t want to face. We must remain focused on the present and bravely look at whatever is being revealed to us this Full Moon phase. What works and what doesn’t?

When the Sun moves from Leo to Virgo, we shift into a bit more complexity. Leo energy is straightforward with its fun-lovingness. Virgo energy is distinctly feminine, and therefore more complicated. It is multi-layered. Our feelings take on different tones and timbres. Things mutate. The transition from Leo to Virgo can sometimes be stark, so give yourself time to adjust to the influx.

Virgo energy is magical in what it can create, and while Venus remains in Libra, we’ve got the best time of year to empower our connection with Gaia Sophia. We are now under the effects of massive feminine energy, which the Wisdom Goddesses Bhairavi and Shodashi will use today. Remember that Bhairavi is the Goddess Who Fortifies Our Hearts and Calls Us To Heroism and Shodashi is the Goddess Whe Grants Our Highest Desire. Could it be that our highest desire requires a stronger and braver heart? Indeed.


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Short Message from my Higher Self – 22 Aug 2013 by Multidimensional Ocean.

Thank you, Laura. I think this will require is to achieve a greater depth and awareness of our heart connection with one another, with Gaia and all living beings.
Once enough of us live in thst awareness moment to moment then we can act effectively at the collective level to change the structures of power that currently prevent the widespread will of the people of Earth as to ending destructive technology from being carried out. We have everything we need to make it happen.

Multidimensional Ocean

1002079_360192064102787_1189236847_nJust wanted to share a message that i recal as i was waking up this morning, you know those split seconds (if even that long), when you are coming back into you body. I have always found that time in the morning extremely enriching and revealing, and it has never failed to guide me well.
Here it is:
The challenge for humanity now is to survive their technology, and not to distroy themselves with nuclear technology. Fukushima, and every single nuclear facility on the planet has the potential to destroy all life on the planet. It is up to your collective consciousness to remove all that threatens life on Earth for humans, but also for all animal and plant life.
It will take to show a lot of maturity and that you have learnt from past mistakes to pull through the Earth graduation. There lies the real challenge for you…

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The Man Who Was Buddha


Buddha was a mortal being, He was a young prince who left his life of ease and a hefty inheritance. He wanted to find his own way in life. He began the journey of his life. A journey that would take him to enlightenment. His human heart and mind was as vulnerable as yours and mine. He gave up everything to find what his life lacked. I am sure in monetary terms, he lacked nothing.

Buddha is now considered an icon of peace and harmony, yet his mortal life was filled with all types of turmoil and love and loss. His journey changed the world forever,the truths he found along the way still influence people all around the world. He went from vagabond monk to an enlightenment for the world. Enlightenment has led many to find themselves and the true meaning of life.

Buddha’s enlightenment was

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