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The Oracle Report Thursday, August 22, 2013

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Full Moon Phase: experience, illumination, revelation

Moon: Pisces

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhairavi and Shodashi

Today the Sun moves out of the sign of Leo and into the sign of Virgo. The Sun released two CMEs from the magentic filament that collapsed yesterday, not just one. Many people have difficulties sleeping well during this type of solar activity. But the dissemination of light that comes from the CMEs – the electro-magnetic punches – provides the opportunity to see/understand more than we normally would.

This is helpful today because the energy tends toward idealization. What is presented may be a representation of the way things were in the past, but do they truly look like that now? We are inclined to look at only the best features of something, ignoring the ones we don’t like or don’t want to face. We must remain focused on the present and bravely look at whatever is being revealed to us this Full Moon phase. What works and what doesn’t?

When the Sun moves from Leo to Virgo, we shift into a bit more complexity. Leo energy is straightforward with its fun-lovingness. Virgo energy is distinctly feminine, and therefore more complicated. It is multi-layered. Our feelings take on different tones and timbres. Things mutate. The transition from Leo to Virgo can sometimes be stark, so give yourself time to adjust to the influx.

Virgo energy is magical in what it can create, and while Venus remains in Libra, we’ve got the best time of year to empower our connection with Gaia Sophia. We are now under the effects of massive feminine energy, which the Wisdom Goddesses Bhairavi and Shodashi will use today. Remember that Bhairavi is the Goddess Who Fortifies Our Hearts and Calls Us To Heroism and Shodashi is the Goddess Whe Grants Our Highest Desire. Could it be that our highest desire requires a stronger and braver heart? Indeed.


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