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Environment Surveys Missions with SaLuSa and the Hy-Brasil Crew

Aurora dreamflights 2.0

Hy-BrasilHi guys just seen 2 ships tonight ! one from SaLuSa tonight and one from a Hy-Brasil ship!
SaLuSa’s ship is the usual personal scout ship he uses when he roams in our athmosphere! And he just looves our clouds! he loves flying through them !! It is one of his favorite things about our planet: clouds !
Anyway, both SaLuSa and the Hy-Brasil wanted to remind us of the dreamflights for tonight and the weekend, when all are welcome onboard Aurora if you wish to visit in dreamflight!
SaLuSa said he would be with us on Aurora for the weekend, and that he would also take part of the mission visiting our joint operation with Hy-Brasil crew.

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The Lives of Women

This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it. As a mixed blood, disabled aspie (Asperger) it often seems like being my authentic self results in backladh and pushback from multiple directions. It is good to be reminded that it is worth doing; -)


No matter how old you are, walk your truth

A woman writes herself a life each day as she moves in the now. Virginia Woolf said that only women stirred her imagination. I would add only women have moved me to action and power. If I would write my life it would be to try to protect other women from tragedy and abuse and grief. It would be to say my complete truth without fear of consequences.

Often in literature and in every day life, women’s every day life, our friendships are belittled, and misunderstood. Yet, as women, friendships enliven us, fill us up and give us a way out of lonely grief.

” Affection…means the state of influencing, acting upon, moving, and impressing, and of being influenced by other women.”—-Janice Raymond

Audra Lorde once stated, ” I speak without concern for the accusations
that I am too much or too little woman
that I am too black…

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David Wilcock: Anonymous has infiltrated the military — and much, much more

For some reason Exopermaculture had disappeared from my wp reader. I am so glad and grateful to have it back! Also great to see another in depth article from David Wilcock. I always learn something new, and I really enjoy his breathless excitement about the things he is writing about. After reading a lot in academia it is such a joy to have fun reading something that has real learning involved;-)

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The Oracle Report Friday, August 23, 2013



Full Moon Phase: experience, illumination, revelation

Moon: Pisces

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhairavi and Shodashi

The Moon will activate the dominant Venus-Uranus-Pluto-Black Moon energy today and the inner feminine breaks loose. This energy brings momentous transformation to relationships. You could call it “wild power.”

This energy is supercharged by incoming CMEs from the collapse of two solar magnetic filaments. Most people will respond instinctually to the day, and will react from base and unevolved perspectives. They use unrefined instincts and it leads to bad drama. People are inclined to fly off the handle easily and blame others for not giving them what they want. They will act out. This happens quickly and unexpectedly.

But what’s really happening is our “inner feminine” is shining through (released, uncoiled, unchained – however you feel it). Everyone has both masculine and feminine aspects inside. The inner feminine force seeks expression, beauty, and form today. When this force is channeled in its purest form, everything thrives. A state of bliss evolves. It’s heavenly.

Our mission today is to hold and express the highest form of the feminine. It’s a feat because the energy is so strong. If you can’t hold or channel it properly, it can get away from you and you will find yourself doing or saying things that are destructive. So we will adhere to higher principles that honor and respect all. We will allow the inner fire to burn brightly.

This energy has the power to heal as much as harm. Focus this healing effect back toward fortifying the health of your mind, body, and spirit.

Gaia-Sophia calls to our inner flame to speak to us today. Powers of attraction are high. We will use this to direct our attention to the beauty and form of nature. Keep your copy ofAnimal Speakhandy because you are likely to need it.

Go wild today, but hold honor – it’s a mightly combination.


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Nurturing our gardens

Thank you for sharing this, it is beautiful.

aisha north

Dear friends!

Last night I had a powerful vision. I woke up feeling very unsettled by a dream, and so I started to visualize how I was breathing in the light, and soon I felt like this glowing lightbulb. I felt the urge to connect to the Pond, and I saw myself approaching the shore. It was night, everything was dark and quiet, but the water was nice and warm when I entered it. I suddenly saw how the light inside of me started to light up the water from underneath, so this dark, still body of water started to glow under the surface. I looked around, and on all sides I could see lights approaching. It looked like fireflies coming through the forest, but I quickly realized it was all of you approaching the Pond. One by one, you entered the water, and as each and every one of…

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