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A Glorious Pre-Autumn Show

Your garden is wonderful! My peppers stopped producing once it was above 90 every day and not below 80 at night. The tomatoes do that too. I have the same experience with bees and wasps and also love all the butterflies that live here now. Did you know the last few days the Oracle Report has suggested paying extra attention to nature and creatures as they may have extra meaning or messages for us right now.

Laura Bruno's Blog

Well, the plants say it’s time for another garden update, because they’re showing signs of Fall. We had a cold week here a little while back, with nighttime temperatures in the 40’s! Cool, crisp days, some nice, heavy rains. The plants and I all wondered if Autumn might be making a very early appearance. In fact, my bell pepper plant stopped producing, and “told” me it was due to the cold weather, even though we were nowhere near frost. Last night while having a little ragweed sneezing “break” from sleep, I learned via the iPhone that bell pepper plants stop producing when they sense temperatures below 65 degrees. Who knew?! Certainly not I, but in the future, I will cover my peppers if it dips below 65 at night.

Even though my sunflowers are also looking rather advanced for their age — kinda droopy like Fall — I’m grateful at…

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Thoughts at sixty three

Thank you! This is beautiful. Have you read The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk? The elder women in that book are amazing and so very like the women I know from your generation;-) LOVE is the greatest power and it seems that lack of fear and ability yo act beautifully and powergully from love seems to have manifested exceptionally well in so many of you.


There is a lot a things I have done in this period of time. Sixty actually came as quite a shock. I remember my 30th birthday as huge, loud, a sea of faces most of them I knew and some I did not. For me, the realization that all of that is in the past was confusing. Where did it go?

What happened to the women I counseled at the Domestic Violence shelter and Rape Crisis? Why couldn’t I work two jobs and volunteer at the same time? I had done it before, why was I so tired?

Why was my shiny black curly hair streaked with some GREY? Now I am blonde. Someone tells a story and you are laughing and filling in details and someone else mentions that was forty years ago. My heart skips a beat and I say to myself that it can’t be that long…

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Don’t Think Your Car Can Be Hacked? Watch This [video]

Thank you for posting this. Most people, even many in the 911 Truth movement are not aware thst similar technology to fly commercial jetliners as well as military planes remotely was fully tested and operational in the early to mid 1990’s. It was supposed to be required and fully installed on All commercial aircraft by 98 or 99. So if you never heard of it why do you suppose that is? And if the people in charge of it did’t want planes to hit buildings why did they when the planes were completely under the control of remote pilots and air traffic control as required? Too many lies and too much hidden! Thank you again for all you do to help light up all these dank vermin infested corners of the panopticon control structure!!

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MOD Whistleblower: WiFi—a ‘Thalidomide’ in the Making

Thank you for posting this. Wi-fi gives me awful headaches as do cell phones in “talk” mode so I suspected they might not be healthy. We can come up with better ways to get the same things done tho. Creativity and determination based in Love will overcome money-power based in greed, fear and hate. Love is the nature of the Universe. All these manipulations are just like toddlers throwing tantrums-nakes an amazing mess but we can clean it up!

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Learning From Experience, Written by Caroline K.A.

Thank you for sharing this. It is good to be reminded to slow down, pay attention and get clear and fully grounded in the midst of so much intense change. Being autistic/asperger I seem to have always been much more at home and comfortable with the unseen but learning to grok and interact with humans is an ongoing and very challenging journey for me. I guess that integrating it all is a large part of the ascension process.

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Galactic Free Press ~ 08/24/2013

Thank you for sharing this. For people who have been on a spiritual path this is a very useful post. It is easy to get stuck in our beliefs and patterns not realizing why all our hard work seem to result in little change. When we awaken to the magic and beauty present in every living being from planets to bacteria and beyond (that includes us, everyone) then we are no longer seeking or following but fully living.
The elders, masters, teachers and gurus can be sign-posts, they can give us maps and books to go by but each path is unique. The map is not the territory, the menu is not the meal;-)


How Spiritual Practices Can Become Limitations

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Submitted by will on Sat, 08/24/2013 – 12:52

Let me start out by saying that people are not here to be like Jesus or Buddha or Mohammad or any guru or spiritual leader. That’s all a distraction. You’re not here to try to be somebody else, you’re here to discover your own Divine Self.

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The Oracle Report   Saturday, August 24 – Sunday, August 25, 2013


Disseminating Moon Phase: sharing, teaching, learning, introspection

Moon: Aries/Taurus

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhairavi and Shodashi

Today we begin the Disseminating Moon phase. Disseminating Moon phase is the time of the lunar month when we share with others and receive feedback that helps the wish/intention we set back at the New Moon phase to become stronger. We do not need to share or disclose the wish or intention per se. We shareourselves and, in the process, we not only receive messages and information that is helpful to us, but we provide messages and information that is helpful to others. Disseminating Phase is about communication.

We have ample power for communication and sharing from the Disseminating Moon phase combined with this weekend’s conjunction of Mercury (the Planet of Communication!) and the Sun. You will want to follow inner prompts to share information, go certain places, see certain people, pick up a specific book, talk to someone in particular, etc. Synchronicities abound, so pay close attention.

In the pattern of the Moon phases shifting between active and passive states, Full Moon phase is “active” and Disseminating Moon phase is “passive.” Even though we are taking action when we share with others, the mission is more about introspecting on the information we are receiving. Receiving is passive. Wise owls go inside themselves and observe in order to learn. Disseminating Phase always feels to me like playing the game “Clue” when I was younger (it has since lost its appeal; I tried it again recently). We are on the trail to learn more about our mystery (our wish or intention).

But this works best when we are willing to follow our intutition and share what we are prompted to share. In this way, we collaborate with others to bring about everyone’s wish or intention. We are part of their dream.

This does not mean what we hear from others is the way it is or the way it will be. It’s to be taken on board for consideration. The process of consideration (introspection) is what strengthens the wish or intention. Take the best and ignore the rest.

We have some particularly strong astrological energies coming up this week, primarily the approach of the Black Moon to oppose Pluto (with the exact conjunction on Thursday). As I’ve discussed, this astrological energy is taking romantic relationships to different levels (ending altogether or going in a new direction). Black Moon/Pluto energy only affects romantic relationships that are serious. This energy is interested only in true love, not superficiality. Commitment issues and the desire for commitment are the main focus. Also, the strong feminine energy (wild power) that began yesterday will remain in effect for a few more weeks. The power to fall in love or fall back in love is exceptionally high.

While this is transpiring this week, Mercury and the Sun will oppose Neptune and begin opposition with Chiron. Mars will move out of soft and sensitive Cancer and into fiery and dramatic Leo.

This is a lot.

Translation: Power down this weekend and charge up your inner batteries. Sudden, deep, transformative realizations come from sharing with others and taking in what others are feeding back to us. Pay attention to nature. The Mahavidyas often communicate their teachings through the natural world. Remember that fortification of the heart is taking place this month, calling forth the spiritual warrior in each of us. Follow the mission of Disseminating Moon phase and share your time, your thoughts, your ideas, and your feelings with others and see what feeds back to you.


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Lawsuit: Company Lied About Coal Ash Dangers

This would be bad enough if it were an isolated incident of corporate bad behaviour but unfortunately this IS business as usual. Thank you for posting this- I think with all the pipeline and drilling spills in the last few years we will probably see many more similar suits in the near future. If a meteor hits the Supreme court, or a miracle where the corporate owned judges (like Thomas) suddenly develop morals, it might even result in putting a stop to these kinds of cost saving/worker abusing practices!

Earth First! Newswire

“At one point, workers were told ‘you could drink fly ash daily and suffer no adverse health effects,’ according to the complaint …. In fact, when some workers were prescribed respirators or protective masks, ‘they were ordered not to wear said items.'”

by Bob Flowers / knoxnews.com

They call it Fly Ash Flu.

It’s the name some workers at the Kingston ash spill site gave health woes they say they incurred from prolonged exposure to a witch’s brew of toxic substances in coal ash.

A federal lawsuit filed Thursday in U.S. District Court targets the company hired by TVA to make sure cleanup of the disastrous coal ash spill at itsKingston Fossil Plant[in Tennessee]was done safely.

Jacobs Engineering Group Inc., an international provider of professional technical services based in Pasadena, Calif., had a TVA contract that “greatly exceeded $40 million” to oversee safety guidelines, according to the…

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