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Lawsuit: Company Lied About Coal Ash Dangers

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This would be bad enough if it were an isolated incident of corporate bad behaviour but unfortunately this IS business as usual. Thank you for posting this- I think with all the pipeline and drilling spills in the last few years we will probably see many more similar suits in the near future. If a meteor hits the Supreme court, or a miracle where the corporate owned judges (like Thomas) suddenly develop morals, it might even result in putting a stop to these kinds of cost saving/worker abusing practices!

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“At one point, workers were told ‘you could drink fly ash daily and suffer no adverse health effects,’ according to the complaint …. In fact, when some workers were prescribed respirators or protective masks, ‘they were ordered not to wear said items.'”

by Bob Flowers / knoxnews.com

They call it Fly Ash Flu.

It’s the name some workers at the Kingston ash spill site gave health woes they say they incurred from prolonged exposure to a witch’s brew of toxic substances in coal ash.

A federal lawsuit filed Thursday in U.S. District Court targets the company hired by TVA to make sure cleanup of the disastrous coal ash spill at itsKingston Fossil Plant[in Tennessee]was done safely.

Jacobs Engineering Group Inc., an international provider of professional technical services based in Pasadena, Calif., had a TVA contract that “greatly exceeded $40 million” to oversee safety guidelines, according to the…

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