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SaLuSa by Multidimensional Ocean – A Sense of the Future – 26 Aug 2013

Thank you, Laura. What an uplifting message to start the day with. I really feel what he is telling us in this one. People are coming together, creepy secrets are being exposed daily, and there are so many positive signs all over.
Last week at a shopping center we saw a huge double rainbow that lasted for at least half an hour, and everyone was taking pictures and smiling. It used to be just me excited over the rainbows and most people just laughed at me or rushed on but it seems like people are changing in a good way.;-)

Multidimensional Ocean

1234039_10151654160579023_576927332_nGlorious are the months and years to come, as you will recall the times that you are going through with much pleasure at recalling the last months of your life when you were still half blind to your true nature and immense possibilities.

As we go through the coming months, the light will shine for ever stronger in your lives, it will not know any limits, and your consciousness levels will rise for ever more. You are awakening from a long slumber, from a long sleep, from a frozen state as it were.

Many people speak the truth these days, although the cabal is still attempting to tighten its grip around you. To be fair, it would be correct to say that the more the cabal tries to control your every move, your every thought, your every word, the more the light will shine on their actions and plots.


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The Oracle Report Monday, August 26, 2013



Disseminating Moon Phase: sharing, teaching, learning, introspection

Moon: Taurus

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhairavi and Shodashi

You will want to note today’s events, feelings, and insights because today not only foreshadows but actually connectsto the New Moon on October 4, 2013 – the Libra New Moon. Today’s events are stronglyimprinted into the energy and will be built upon at that time in the future.

It is very, very important that we douse this day in love for self, the family of humanity, and Gaia-Sophia – our living planet. This is a call out to all wise owls: suspend negativity for the day. Disallow it. Disregard it. We always strive to do this, but today it is a direct mission.

The easiest way to express this is the metaphor of Clark Kent shedding his regular clothes and emerging in his Superman attire. He “drops” whatever he is doing and sets out on his mission.

We aren’t going to drop out of our lives and take off; we are going to walk through the day as usual, but we will maintain our primary focus of remaining on the positive spectrum. If you can pull off being “positive” 51% of the time (just a smidge over half), you will have succeeded. I usually dislike the generality of the terms “positive” and “negative” (there is much more complexity to energy) but these are the clearest words to use.

If you find this difficult today because you are in a deep place, consider this idea: lose yourself. Lose the preoccupation with your personal life and what’s going on with it and work at a higher level if you can. Take a break from you and work for the collective of humanity. Your mind is powerful.

There is a great deal of cognitive dissonance and duality of function today. This causes us to be confused or even frozen in place. Things happen that we can’t quite take in all at once. Our thinking tends toward black and white, without room for gray. Rigidity sets in.

We will avoid these pitfalls by maintaining an open and flexible mind that adapts to wherever things lead, taking our time and pacing ourselves, and being ever-vigilent of the natural world.

There is a lot of fire involved with this energy. It would be a good idea for us all to focus on the fire in today’s picture as a homefire – the inner fire that burns brightly with its connection to love.

Use whatever tools you have in your toolbag to shed your ordinary perception and take on the mission of the hero today. All who can hear are called.


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NorthPoint Astrology Journal August 26 to September 1, 2013 By Pam Younghans

jonathan tucker ll nl 1377253658 lg

jonathan tucker ll nl 1377253658 lg

Today’s photo: Auroras on August 23, 2013 over Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada (photo by Jonathan Tucker, posted onSpaceweather.com)

AUGUST HAS BEEN a powerful month. We have had many opportunities to reach new levels self-awareness as we’ve gone through a sometimes-challenging, but definitely-fruitful reevaluation process.
As the lunar cycle wanes this last week of the month, one stage of that process comes to completion. At the same time, planetary aspects continue to both challenge and support us in making further progress on our evolutionary journey.
ON MONDAY, two oppositions challenge us to look beyond our previous perceptions: Uranus in Aries opposes Venus in Libra, and Neptune in Pisces opposes the Sun in Virgo. When planets oppose each other, they bring to our awareness two very different options in how to handle certain issues. But they do not ask us to choose between the options; instead, they require that we find value in each polarity and learn how to utilize both in our decision making.
Uranus in Aries charges forcefully onto the scene, carrying a banner proclaiming the need for independence, personal rights and autonomy. In comparison, Venus in Libra floats in on air, singing songs of love, cooperation and harmony. It is hard to imagine these two extremes ever coming to an agreement, and yet they each offer a valuable perspective that we must consider now.
THE URANUS-VENUS OPPOSITION challenges us to take another look at important relationships, and asks us if it is time for us to make changes. If we’ve been overly self-absorbed, ignoring the needs of others or even discounting the importance of relationship in our lives, it may be time to reconsider our priorities.
On the other hand, if we’ve been living our lives according to another’s criteria, or defining our value and our happiness by whether or not others are happy, it may be time to remember the importance of honoring our own needs, whether or not this pleases others.
A SECOND OPPOSITION also occurs on Monday — the Sun, having just entered Virgo, is now positioned opposite Neptune in Pisces. Again, we are challenged not to seesaw between the options represented, but rather to find where we are on the range between the opposites, and to recalibrate based on what will bring us into better balance.
The stance of the Sun in Virgo is based on a perceived ideal and the effort that must be given to move in the direction of that ideal. The belief is in our ability to control through effective, practical, disciplined action.Providing the opposite perspective, Neptune in Pisces lives in a world where dreams come true and angels create miracles — all we need to do is sit and wait.
Clearly, the healthiest answer again lies somewhere in the middle of these extremes. We have opportunities with Monday’s opposition to let go of some of our need to control outcomes and to trust in the unfolding of our lives. On the other hand, we also are encouraged to do our part to make sure our “real world” is organized in a way that allows us to take advantage of the magic.
And that’s just Monday…

REVIEWING the rest of the week’s planetary aspects, it looks like we have lots of opportunities to come to new understandings, through interactions with Mercury almost every day:
On Tuesday, Saturn sextiles Mercuryto help us think and plan more clearly, based on truths that have been recently revealed.
On Wednesday, Pluto trines Mercury, helping us release old thought patterns that have kept us from living an empowered life. This trine can also provide support for us to make concrete plans that are more in alignment with our personal values and passions.
On Thursday, Chiron opposes Mercury. Some residual self-criticism or lack of self-worth may come back to haunt us, and we may be tempted to subjugate our ideas to the perceived superiority of others (who clearly know more than we do). But this is just a reminder of an old wound, and we do not need to stay in that place of victim. To heal the wound, we must renew our faith in our own intuitive knowing, whether or not we are able to articulate that knowing as clearly as we’d like.
Uranus also aspects Mercury on Thursday. This quincunx tells us that the healing we seek is provided through an attitude adjustment more than through concrete action. As we acknowledge our right to have our own unique perspective, we begin to honor the genius that lies within us. Then, it may or may not be important to share that perspective.
On Friday, Jupiter sextiles Mercury, providing plenty of energy for conversations that come from the heart and yet have practical application — all the more reason to take advantage of the rest of the Mercury activity earlier in the week. By the time of this Jupiter-Mercury aspect, we want to have cleared as much as possible of the limiting and limited ideas that have been held in our mental bodies. With that clearing, we will be more able to utilize Friday’s energies to speak from a place of inspiration and possibility, rather than confusion and pessimism.
OVER THE WEEKEND, the strongest aspect is a Pluto-Sun trine on Sunday, the first day of September. This is another aspect of opportunity, perfect for wrapping up our week and the lunar cycle.
With this Pluto-Sun influence, we are more able to accept the changes that are needed in our lives, and to let go of the old paradigms that have defined us to this point. Our ability to understand our own motivations is increased –and we can utilize this enhanced self-understanding to create new life goals that are in better alignment with our personal truth and ideals.