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RemovingTheShackles – “You Are Being Deceived” – 27 Augustus 2013

I cannot access pdf’s right now but I want to share on the faith that rts usually posts helpful info and ideas. If this area interests you and you want to discuss it with people who assume everything found on the internet is baseless nonsense, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn and “Z” magazine have also covered in depth much of the same material but academically with full references and citations. Corpwatch.org and the whole last 30 years of anti-globalization, anti-colonization movements are also great sources of similar information. A good skill to develop is to read for content and ignore “spin” ie if the writer is a socialist, or a libertarian they will both be sharing relevant facts but depending on your own “filters”, one of them may seem to be “wrong”. But by ignoring their goals in sharing it you can still learn from the actual information. None of this stuff has really been hidden it just hasn’t been on Oprah and MTV;-)
The good part about that is if you are just discovering it and are horrified and maybe even scared, there is a Huge many decades old movement to change it. (Technically two movements one from the right and one from the left)

Lucas 2012 Infos

0e358-removing-the-shacklesFor all of you awesome people out there who have spent hours and hours, if not days and days and weeks and week, trying to explain to your family and friends and co-workers that their entire perception of “Government”, “Finance” and “the authority”  has been built on lies and deception of the highest order…. this pdf below is for you.

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Lisa Gawlas – The Intensity Of September Opens The Floods Of Passion From Earth! – 27 August 2013

Lucas 2012 Infos

lisagawlas2I have a deep inner feeling September is going to be one hellofa fast and furious month and we just may need that knight in shining armor to trek us thru it!!  The one thing I am sure of, September is NOT the time to be cautious with your life.  You have spent, what may seem like an eternity at this point, investing heavily in your new seeds of Life experience, cautious hesitation will end up being the lawnmower that cuts it down.

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Uniquely You, Divinely One

Thank you to Laura and Tania! I used to feel like I was “talking to the walls” when I tried to share my perspective. Like I was the in Ibsen’s Rhinoceros play;-) I can’t really express how awed and grateful I am to have encountered amazing beings like Laura who tho I have never met her feels like a sister to me thru reading her writing. I believe we are moving toward this integration of being more like the astonishing diversity of snowflakes within the beautiful unity that is snow. I am ever awed by Laura’s ability to say beautifully, poeticallyand accessibly almost exactly the same things I so struggle to convey in a more didactic/academic way. That Tania ciuld convey much the same thru the one entrancing image is just magical. Thank you both for sharing your gifts and helping so many raise their awareness and connect across different countries all over the Earth.

Laura Bruno's Blog

I’ve had my friend Tania Marie‘s painting and title on the brain: “Uniquely You, Divinely One.”

Painting - Uniquely You, Divinely One

She painted this years ago, but I always remember it when I see snow. I love how each snowflake is gorgeously unique, and yet they all work together to create “the snow.” Each serves its purpose in a beautiful form, but the power comes through community. I’ve increasingly found myself pondering Collectivism, or rather, two seemingly similar yet radically different manifestations of Collectivism.

On the one hand, we’ve got a growing recognition worldwide that, despite all the attempts to ostracize the Other, we are more alike than different. We’ve got a growing movement of Universal Love and interconnectivity as people begin to see the humanity in people of different cultures, religions, countries, dietary persuasions, skin colors, genders and education levels. Concepts like “Namaste” (the Divine in me honors the Divine in you), “In…

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Jon Rappoport ~ Why Do They Try So Hard to End Freedom?

Thank you for posting this, Laura. I have often wondered why so much in philosophy and govt was so pointlessly limited. It was always either/ or; you can choose communism or capitalism for instance. Based on who controls “the means of production” as if “production” is the point of LIFE. (Life is the point, love, connection, nature, joy-money, production etc have always only been TOOLS and imho should never be goals.
I don’t agree with Jon that we have to choose between freedom/liberty and the collective tho I love this essay and agree overall. That is false dichotomy. Tribal people have BOTH more freedom and liberty than any colonized citizen of the post industrial technosphere AND more devotion to the collective.
Unity is not just a trendy spiritual term to most noncolonized beings. It is an essential reality that is lived day to day, moment to moment. I am because you are-how can we make choices based on our own so called freedom that harm others? It is a false freedom to be free to make such choices but the place for the “control” that limits such choices is not the govt or any external source if pressure. It is our own inherent awareness of our collective being. Colonization worked hard to stesl that awareness in order to create a slave society with hierarchy. When we KNOW in our hearts we are all ONE how cou ld we participate in harming or enslaving anyone? The drive toward collective care and community based responsibility is not the enemy of freedom. It is the only way we can ever achieve freedom because as long as people choose hate, violence, cruelty and harm to others some will always rise against these things and try to stop them-hence the seeming endless but false duality between collective good and freedom. Transcending the false duality we can easily see true freedom is based in love and respect for all living beings.

Laura Bruno's Blog

I love this article by Jon. It’s a simple reminder of why freedom is worth fighting for — on all levels: “mind, body, soul, imagination, and love.”

Some people find Jon’s style a little — or a lot — too in-your-face, but I happen to enjoy his deep appreciation for and devotion to those sacred, precious things all too often tossed away as worthless junk or unimportant words and concepts. Personally, I get his outrage at sacrilege and tyranny, and I love that he champions the Imagination and the full potential of humanity. Jon’s an artist and a writer, and he recognizes subtleties. He knows when something feels off, and he’s not afraid to discover why. He’s also not afraid to use his own creative power to change it.

“Men often become what they believe themselves to be. If I believe I cannot do something, it makes me incapable of…

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The manuscript of survival – part 348

Thank you, Aisha!

aisha north

As you have already become aware of, the upheavals are continuing for many of you, while for others, you seem to have entered smoother waters alrady. Again, never forget to listen to your own inner voice before you do that of other’s, and never compare your journey to others lest you should think yours is not on the rails as it were. In other words, although these times are indeed intense, they will be perceived very differently for you all, and even if you will find someone that can report circumstances that resonates with what you are experiencing, there is no need to worry even if you do find yourself without equals.

For you are ALL equals, whether you face your deepest challenges either mentally or physically at the moment, or whether you find yourself sailing along in blissful waters. No one is more nor less than the others, and…

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