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Uniquely You, Divinely One

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Thank you to Laura and Tania! I used to feel like I was “talking to the walls” when I tried to share my perspective. Like I was the in Ibsen’s Rhinoceros play;-) I can’t really express how awed and grateful I am to have encountered amazing beings like Laura who tho I have never met her feels like a sister to me thru reading her writing. I believe we are moving toward this integration of being more like the astonishing diversity of snowflakes within the beautiful unity that is snow. I am ever awed by Laura’s ability to say beautifully, poeticallyand accessibly almost exactly the same things I so struggle to convey in a more didactic/academic way. That Tania ciuld convey much the same thru the one entrancing image is just magical. Thank you both for sharing your gifts and helping so many raise their awareness and connect across different countries all over the Earth.

Laura Bruno's Blog

I’ve had my friend Tania Marie‘s painting and title on the brain: “Uniquely You, Divinely One.”

Painting - Uniquely You, Divinely One

She painted this years ago, but I always remember it when I see snow. I love how each snowflake is gorgeously unique, and yet they all work together to create “the snow.” Each serves its purpose in a beautiful form, but the power comes through community. I’ve increasingly found myself pondering Collectivism, or rather, two seemingly similar yet radically different manifestations of Collectivism.

On the one hand, we’ve got a growing recognition worldwide that, despite all the attempts to ostracize the Other, we are more alike than different. We’ve got a growing movement of Universal Love and interconnectivity as people begin to see the humanity in people of different cultures, religions, countries, dietary persuasions, skin colors, genders and education levels. Concepts like “Namaste” (the Divine in me honors the Divine in you), “In…

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