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To be Neutral Isn’t to Abandon Lightwork

Thank you, Wes. I agree that the work is more important than what we call it. For me dark has always been so much more than negative as I have written about before the current discussion began. Dark is not only the negatives so often attributed to it in colonized culture. It is also the dark of the womb from which we joyously enter incarnation. It is the dark fertile soil from which so much life and beauty come. Darkwork is not doing evil but working with the deep levels, the rich and wild mythic dimensions out of which all that is arises.
Chaos is the Mother not something to be feared or conquered. I guess because I have always lived deeply rooted in these things and the often difficult work they require of us, the term lightworker always felt restrictive to me even tho people around me consider it an accurate descriptor for me;-).
If someone feels that lightwork alone is their calling tho I do not feel this is a lack on their part. Duality is not evil either but only one facet of this jewel of infinity that is the One Dancing with itself. Love is thr important part not semantics or all doing or feeling the same, imho.

Openhearted Rebellion

I wanted to make a quick note about falling away from spiritual labels in the name of neutrality and harmony amongst us all.

A few different writers in the spiritual circles have written pieces about embracing no label or surface-based idea about ourselves, and to embrace solely the fact that we’re united awakening souls who can, together, bring about great change on this planet.

Some have put forth the idea that awakening souls are technically all we are in this moment.

I do agree with the idea being presented, and I endorse not looking toward ourselves in vain or surface-oriented ways. I should say that I don’t necessarily endorse scrapping the idea of ourselves as Lightworkers entirely, however, or fooling ourselves about our true power and ability.

Granted, it’s safe to say that there are some who label themselves a Lightworker without understanding the deeper and very real work involved…

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Ecologists Say Fire Suppression Efforts Left Century’s Worth Of Fuel for Rim Fire

Earth First! Newswire

SACRAMENTO (AP) – Unnaturally long intervals between wildfires and years of drought primed the Sierra Nevada for the explosive conflagration chewing up the rugged landscape on the edge of Yosemite National Park, forestry experts say.

The fire had ravaged 282 square miles by Tuesday, the biggest in the Sierra’s recorded history and one of the largest on record in California.

Containment increased to 20 percent but the number of destroyed structures rose to 101 and some 4,500 structures remained threatened. The types of lost buildings were not specified. Firefighters were making stands at Tuolumne City and other mountain communities.

The blaze was just 40 acres when it was discovered near a road in Stanislaus National Forest on Aug. 17, but firefighters had no chance of stopping it in the early days.

Fueled by thick forest floor vegetation in steep river canyons, it exploded to 10,000 acres 36 hours later, then…

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Ben Powless from Defenders of the Land and Indigenous Environmental Network on Line 9, tar sands and other pipelines


*Ben Powless joined Indigenous Waves this week to talk about the ongoing battle to stop the proposed Line 9 pipeline from going through multiple Indigenous, urban and rural communities; as well as the potential for leaks and spills due to inadequate pipeline construction and material.

Ben Powless is a Mohawk citizen from Six Nations in Ontario, currently living in Ottawa, Canada. He has a degree in Human Rights, Indigenous and Environmental Studies at Carleton University in Ottawa. He has worked extensively with the Indigenous Environmental Network (www.ienearth.org), focused on climate justice and resource extraction in Indigenous territories, particularly the tar sands in Canada. He is also an organizer with the Defenders of the Land and Idle No More, and was a co-founder of the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition, where he still serves on the national council. He enjoys biking and photography in his spare time.

*Interview begins in second half…

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Boxes and drawers – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn August 28, 2013

I find that life is a spiral journey and our perspective changed as we cycle along. As R.A.W used to say things are true and false at the same time. Each perspective, each step in awareness is just one facet of this brilliant infinity sided jewel ee call reality;-). I agree with this post. The more time we spend arguing over semantics or any other detail peripheral to the resl goals we share of healing ourselves, the Earth and all living beings is only wasting time. Understand for yourself, learn, grow, evolve and celebrate each turn of your spiral but don’t worry too much what anyone else believes as long as they are not causing harm that you can do something about ( ie if your friend believes torturing animals or raping people helps them ascend you are probably good to get involved and do what you can!)

Sirian Heaven


(Translated from original language german)

I see, that you are still entrapped in 3D-Thinking. Stop sorting and labeling all in boxes and drawers. Oh yes, I follow your debates about Lightworkers – yes or no. I read the articles through your eyes. Important is only, that you work together with your neighbor, no matter how he wants to call himself. As long as you however think in such norms and labels, it will be hard for you to leave the illusion. No name is better and more correct than the other. Your stellan brothers and sisters would still not be united as Galactic Federation today, if they would think and act like you do. They have however learned to respect their particular natures and different reasoning and they are very successful with this. Don’t you believe, that you could do that likewise? Only united you will reach your goal. Think…

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A New Earth Formed as We NOW Create Anew!!

Thank you, Lisa. This is very inspiring. I love to read the impressions and understanding of people who see things so clearly and directly. With all the changes going on it I’d easy to get confused snd overwhelmed.Thank you for sharing your gifts!

The Shift of Time and Energy!

new earth

Did you ever have an ah-ha moment so big and so illuminating, it hit you so square between the eyes, and all you can do is wonder how you didn’t see it before?  A single question about an experience a beautiful lady in the field asked yesterday wrapped up the entirety of what August was all about and why, going into September, everything seems so…. accelerated.

The moment she told me about her lost hour of time and asked what happened, it seems the universe decided to do a big reveal!!  Our vibration within our biology, our highest collective and our precious earth hit a point where we formed a new vibrational earth.  Of course, our surroundings still look very much the same, but nothing at all is even remotely the same.

As she asked about this “lost” hour and the field replied with unmistakable clarity, I equally seen a…

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The Oracle Report Wednesday, August 28, 2013



Third Moon Phase: re-alignment, revision, re-orientation,

Moon: Gemini

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhairavi

We begin the Third Quarter Moon phase today, which is technically the last phase of the lunar month. Balsamic Moon phase follows, but it is a time when we prepare for the next month. Third Quarter Moon phase is when take a look at where the wish/intention we set at the New Moon stands and revise our plans accordingly. It is important to understand that the wish/intention can be carried forward to the next New Moon and built upon. In fact, the very best way to work with the Moon phases is to set a wish or intention at the lunar New Year (the New Moon in Aries which is usually in March) and work with it all year.
The keywords for Third Quarter Moon phase are realign, revise, and reorient. We take responsibility for the state of things and see what we need to alter. Our ideas about this are a result of what fed back to us during Disseminating Moon phase.

We have an interesting set of astrological energies to help us realign, revise, and reorient today because the energy brings things full circle. It may feel like you are “back where you started” or are repeating a pattern of events. The Sun is located at the degree known as “a merry-go round” and Venus is located the degree of “circular paths.” While it may feel like we are going in circles, we are actually going in spirals that are evolving. Energy repeats; no doubt about it. This is how we canlearn. It is easier to recognize a pattern when it repeats. What are you learning now? How can you use this knowledge to reorient your life?

Tomorrow night around 8:00 pm EDT/ midnight UTC, the Black Moon will make an opposition (i.e., will be 180 degrees away – exactly opposite) to Pluto. Transits of the Black Moon to Pluto happen only once every 4 1/2 years. This energy is one of the most intense in all of astrology. Black Moon-Pluto energy goes very, very deep – to the core – of serious romantic relationships (particularly marriages). It completely re-vamps the relationship, bringing up whatever needs to be healed. Relationships end or are taken to a different level.

All this month, the overarching themes have been fortification of our hearts, callings toward personal heroism (the rise of the inner hero – the inner spiritual warrior), and a release of heartache and trauma. The opposition of the Black Moon and Pluto with these energies contributes to this month’s mission to bring sudden and deep realizations that transform.

But the energy isintense! And it can be extremely draining, so be aware. Essentially, we are dragged down far enough to see what we need to see. We get a close up view. Try to catch breaks where you can to rest a little today. If you recharge yourself periodically, it will help. It may be hard to steal these moments, but if we are diligent, we can do it.

Keep in mind that any time the Black Moon makes contact with planet, our own personal Black Moon issues (our core fear in life; our shadow side) are activated. The Black Moon is in Cancer right now, so all of us are concerned to some degree or another with how much others support us. Issues of support come into play with the Black Moon in Cancer. Whatever sign your own Black Moon is in flavors this. If you don’t know where your Black Moon is, you can refer to my book on the Black Moon on the Books tab above. There is an index at the end of the book where you can look up your birthday and find the sign of your Black Moon. Then you can refer to Chapter 2 to learn about it.