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Conversation with the being on the ship watching over me and my loved ones by Multidimensional Ocean 29 Aug 2013

Thank you for sharing this, Laura. I find it really beautiful that you can both interact with them and share that so that others can see it. People have been so conditioned to be afraid both of anything out of the ordinary and of telling the truth when it is socially odd or unaccepted. I know we still have some time before this sort of thing is common and accepted but I feel your courage and calm in sharing your experiences helps make the wait shorter.

Multidimensional Ocean

Took a long walk outside, enjoying the air of the last few days of summer. Was feeling nostaligic and sad for having to leave the country and my loved ones behind for a while.
Looking up in the night sky, the usual light ship was out, following me, flashing all the rainbow lights: red, green, blue, orange, white, etc.. then the light split in 2 a few times. I went to see my partner, as the pilot of the ship said it was ok, that he was going to stay for my partner to see the ship also. For the 1st time in over 3 years, my partner has just seen the ship come closer and lower to us, and clearly flashing all the lights. The ship was never so close and low to the ground before.
It usually decloaks for about half an hour or one hour, and it…

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The Most Ancient Mother of All That Is

I wrote this a long while ago but it seems quite relevant to the current discussion begun by Cameron Day’s recent essay about transcending duality. Imho, transcending does not imply losing or discarding something but rather fully integrating all parts so that false divisions and illusions no longer cloud the clarity of your understanding. I hope this essay can be of some use in helping to integrate and accept the chaos and darkness that are our deep mythic roots, our inborn heritage and not the fear and negativity that has been projected onto them. When we can accept all of our natural aspects and love them, understand them, then we can be whole and fully alive.

Spirit In Action


I started to write the post below as an intro to my repost of the Oracle Report, but it got way too long;-) I wouldn’t call it ‘channeling’ but this was more written by the higher self than the ego, so perhaps someone else might call it that.

I will call it a truth that I know deeply with my heart rather than only with the mind. I am sharing it in the hope that it helps alleviate some of the manufactured fear at this time.

Many have pointed out this Shift is bringing the Divine feminine immanently in to Earth at this time. The Mother in all her forms and expressions IS LOVE. She loves us and when the Mother is in charge the time for nonsense is coming to an end.

Not HAARP, nor nukes, nor bioweapons, nor any other tool of mass nastiness will prevail anymore. They…

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The Oracle Report Thursday, August 29, 2013



Third Moon Phase: re-alignment, revision, re-orientation,
Moon: Gemini

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhairavi and Shodashi

Today, the month-long transit of the Black Moon opposing Pluto culminates. From my book on the Black Moon:

“During this transit, events are designed to harmonize romantic partnerships, particularly marriages. Circumstances develop so that problems within relationships can be addressed. Anything that hinders harmony will surface. Power dynamics within the relationship are usually a key focus. Unrealistic ideals that have been held since the dating stage are often revealed. Re-analysis of life takes place. Anything in life that we are unsatisfied with will come up during these transits. Low energy and the inability to significantly manifest progress on our goals (“hitting a wall”) may be experienced. After the transit, relationships are either more harmonious or they come to an end.”

So today all of this reaches crescendo. As I’ve mentioned, Black Moon-Pluto energy is among the deepest, most intense of all energies. It has a way of bringing up shadows and masks, and some may go wild with exaggeration of their shadow sides. Keep close watch on situations because people have a way of going into or coming out of (or both) an emotional abyss and this could get tricky. The upwelling is cathartic and helpful, but it may not be pretty.

The highest octave of this energy upholds true love. Our truest love is our love for the goddess embodied as our planet, Gaia-Sophia. Let’s honor her on this momentous day. How about a group meditation at 8:17 pm EDT/ 00:17 am UTC tonight? Light a candle and say a prayer of thanks to the Great Goddess of Love.

(My cat Kali makes her first appearance on the report today.)


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European Union Break Up – Sharing a priv.ate message from SaLuSa 29 Aug 2013

It is beautiful to see the people taking back their power. Even here in the famously corrupt and strange state of Florida voters in my town yesterday vetoed business as usual where the rich mske decisions and then tell us why we should be grateful to pay for their often unhelpful ideas. I’m hope the people of Europe have their own free choice of how to structure their governance.

Multidimensional Ocean

Hi guys, during my meditation of this morning, SaLuSa was telling me that it is very possible that the European Union will break up its hash structure and move away from the current EU dictatorship of a few over all the member states. Many in the member states wish to regain control over their own sovereinty and give power back to the individual citizen.
Many in the EU feel that the European experiement has gone as far as it can, and that it has proven its limits.

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The manuscript of survival – part 349

Thank you, Aisha. I have been feeling things very like what you wrote today. Both the exhaustion and the feeling of opening within the heavy dense walls we so often deem to be pushing against to create positive change. I have noticed more and more people waking up, questioning not only the lies and enslaving structures but more significantly, the social norms of superficiality. So many people have been telling me love based, spiritual, “ubuntu” type things this year.

aisha north

You have become weary now, dear friends, and rightly so, as this massive operation that has been going on has also involved you in so many ways. Not directly, but more in the energetic sense, and the fallout from all of this has been very apparent to you all. You see, you have been working so hard to anchor these new energies through your own phsyical bodies, and even if this will not be news to any of you, the amount you have managed to transport as it were is simply astounding. For not only have you been sitting in your own personal forcefield of light, you have also been connected closely with so many others out here, and together you have brought a huge load of transformational light to this blessed abode. For this is a blessed place dear ones, even if you on all sides may see signs…

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A Message from Thrive Filmmaker, Foster Gamble…

I just got this from a friend. Apologies if the links don’t work but they *should be* noticeable in the text. If not just go to the Thrive website or facebook page to find them.

War is never the answer. Please join me in praying for peace snd a peaceful resolution to all of this violence everywhere. Life is made of Love-whatever is wrong ee can find nonviolent solutions.

A Message from Thrive Filmmaker, Foster Gamble…

Dear Thrive Movement,

Mainstream news sources are reporting that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons on its own citizens, killing hundreds.

But what if that’s not the true story?

What if this is another “false flag” operation – like Iraq – where the American government is using the excuse of chemical weapons to justify another war in the Middle East for its own benefit?

I’m afraid that is the case…you can find out more about what I think is really going on in Syria in my latest audio blog.

Millions of lives are on the line. Find out what’s really going on so that we can be effective in spreading the word and helping to avert this tragedy.

Please take a moment to listen to my blog, check out the resources and share what you learn with others.


Foster Gamble and the THRIVE Team

PS – For your convenience, transcripts of audio and video content on “Foster’s Blog” and “News From Thrive” are being added to our website regularly. To translate the blog on Syria, click on the transcript below the audio player and select your language at the top of the webpage using “Google Translate”. THRIVE, the movie, is also available in 24 languages – 16 of which are subtitled. Click here to see all transcripts now available.