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The Most Ancient Mother of All That Is

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I wrote this a long while ago but it seems quite relevant to the current discussion begun by Cameron Day’s recent essay about transcending duality. Imho, transcending does not imply losing or discarding something but rather fully integrating all parts so that false divisions and illusions no longer cloud the clarity of your understanding. I hope this essay can be of some use in helping to integrate and accept the chaos and darkness that are our deep mythic roots, our inborn heritage and not the fear and negativity that has been projected onto them. When we can accept all of our natural aspects and love them, understand them, then we can be whole and fully alive.

Spirit In Action


I started to write the post below as an intro to my repost of the Oracle Report, but it got way too long;-) I wouldn’t call it ‘channeling’ but this was more written by the higher self than the ego, so perhaps someone else might call it that.

I will call it a truth that I know deeply with my heart rather than only with the mind. I am sharing it in the hope that it helps alleviate some of the manufactured fear at this time.

Many have pointed out this Shift is bringing the Divine feminine immanently in to Earth at this time. The Mother in all her forms and expressions IS LOVE. She loves us and when the Mother is in charge the time for nonsense is coming to an end.

Not HAARP, nor nukes, nor bioweapons, nor any other tool of mass nastiness will prevail anymore. They…

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